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Dr. Ellen Burns Hurst


Dr. Ellen Burns Hurst is the author of Why Can’t My Daughter Read?. She holds a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy and has spent a career focused on cutting edge reading interventions in her clinical practice. A true pioneer in the field of dyslexia, Dr. Hurst continues to focus on her passion of changing the reading lives of students through her position as an adjunct professor of assessment at Georgia State University and through frequent research presentations at national and international literacy conferences.

George Burford


George Burford is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He has a Masters degree in Athletic Administration and over 30 years of experience teaching and coaching students from elementary school to the college level. He is also a CFE Certified Financial Educator® Instructor, and College Planning Consultant for the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Heartland Institute of Financial Education, headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. Through his involvement in coaching high school and college athletics programs, George recognizes the value in students and parents taking strategic steps to maximize chances for acceptance into the college of their choice and “mitigate” the high cost of college.

Robin Finley


Robin Finley is a 33-year veteran middle and high school language arts teacher. She began writing her course in grammar, punctuation, and usage in 1981 when her Language Arts department refused to purchase any grammar book for her classes, grammar having been deemed “useless” in the improvement of their writing! She worked on and perfected her course until 1995 when she was approached by the teachers of a local private school, asking if she would sell it to them. She then began attending home schooling conventions, and the rest – as they say – is history. She has since expanded her list of products to a grammar course for elementary students and units on teaching the research paper and the 5-paragraph essay. She is currently at work on a series of high school reinforcement books so busy high school students can keep their grammar skills sharp without having to work on it every day. Robin enjoys nothing more than sharing her materials and her teaching techniques and skills with home teachers in her workshops.

Dr. James Stobaugh


Dr. James Stobaugh was a Merrill Fellow at Harvard University, has a B.A. from Vanderbilt, and M.A. from Rutgers, an M. Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is a certified SAT and ACT grader, the founder of For Such a Time as This ministry, and a homeschool father.

Dara Halydier


Dara has homeschooled her 5 boys for 21 years. She is the author of Practical Proverbs for Older Students and Practical Proverbs for Younger Students. She speaks regularly at women’s retreats and does one-on-one mentoring to women of all ages. She is the president of Abiding Truth Ministry and desires that all women know that they are God’s princesses.