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How to Refresh Your Homeschool in the Middle of Your School Year

Are your facing a mid-year slump?  Now may be the time to refresh your homeschool! Here are some tips to carry you through.

Let’s face it, we all have experienced that mid-year slump a time or two. As much as we love homeschooling our kids, exhaustion and weariness have a way of creeping in. Sometimes this simply calls for a break. But if you’ve tried that and you’re still wondering how on earth you will all survive til summer finally rolls around, here are some tips to carry you through.

Keeping Your Child Engaged During Read Aloud Time

Reading aloud doesn’t have to be a chore! These tips can help you and your children be more engaged and enjoy reading time

Does read aloud time feel like a chore? Does it sometimes seem impossible to get your kids to hear a word that you read? Know that you are not alone. Families all around the world deal with this frustration every single day. But there are also scores of families who have found ways to make read aloud time their favorite time of the day! How do they do it? Here are some tips that will help you join the ranks of families who love to read together!

How to Deal with Homeschool Naysayers

Almost every person who announces their decision to homeschool will have to deal with homeschool naysayers. It’s just a fact.

“I don’t think homeschool is a good idea.”

“Your kids are going to end up weird and unsocialized.”

How Homeschooling will Bring Your Family Closer Together

When I first began considering homeschooling I am ashamed to admit I worried about how it would affect the relationship between me and my kids. I mean we’d be together ALL day. Who could handle that? Years later, I am realizing that society has ingrained it in us that it is normal to send our kids off to strangers for hours at a time instead of allowing them to truly get to know and spend time with their family. We are considered the weird ones for being around our kids all day!

Can I Homeschool as a Single Parent

Are you a single parent wondering if you can homeschool? This article is full of tips to get you started and help you succeed!

Homeschooling is becoming more and more mainstream. Years ago it would have been rare to see working moms in homeschool groups, yet it is happening more and more. It would have been practically nonexistent to see single parents at homeschool groups, yet again it is becoming more and more common. Homeschooling as a single parent is possible, it just takes a little more work.


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