Georgia Homeschooling Information & Updates

Learning the Homeschool Methods

Whether you are a new or seasoned homeschooler, I am sure you have heard of different homeschool methods. Some you may have tried out, others you may have NO clue what they are, what they mean, or why you would want to consider them.

How to Organize Your Homeschool Space

We homeschooled for 3 years before we had a designated homeschool room.  So, I am aware that not everyone has one. Regardless of whether or not you have a dedicated room to homeschooling, I am sure you have space somewhere in your home that houses your homeschool materials. The question is how to organize your homeschool space.

Standardized Testing Options for Homeschoolers

It’s the time of year when many homeschoolers are evaluating their assessment options. One way some homeschoolers assess their student’s progress is standardized testing.

However, not all standardized testing options are equal. Some are online, some require a licensed teacher, and some companies have even more specific requirements. Today we are going to take a look at some of the standardized testing companies homeschoolers can choose.

Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Literacy Skills

Your child may not learn to read till they are around age 5, but your child is learning from the time they are born. The foundation of good literacy skills is started while the child is still young. Early literacy skills are things like communication, recognition of letters, numbers and words (not reading, but recognizing), storytelling, being able to narrate what was said, or read, learning to rhyme, and recognize sounds.

College Application Process for Homeschoolers

You made it through your hardest homeschooling years, High School! And now, you are on to the next step, applying for college! I am sure you and your graduate are excited and overwhelmed. The college application process can be grueling, but one good thing is that the college application process for homeschoolers is really not that more difficult than a traditional highschooler.

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