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From: "Southeast Homeschool Expo" <>
Subject: Registration Discounts End Today! - Southeast Homeschool Expo
Date: July 10th 2013

Don't Miss the Southeast Homeschool Expo!
July 25-27, 2013 - Cobb Galleria Centre - Marietta/Atlanta, GA
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Fabulous Speakers,, BIG Exhibit Hall, Fun Activities for Kids!
Hurry! Register Online at the discounted rate!
Online Early Bird Discounts End TODAY!
Learn How to Homeschool! Learn More
Many parents considering or just beginning to homeschool would like to have personalized help. Homeschooling for Excellence 101 is a one-day conference where homeschool parents can get individualized answers for their own personal situations from other seasoned homeschooling parents. Children ages four and up can attend the Homeschool Kids Zone while parents attend the Homeschooling For Excellence 101 Conference.
Children LOVE KidsZone! Learn More
KidsZone is an Expo favorite and very popular with parents and children alike! Children enjoy various activities and guest speakers while parents attend the Homeschool Expo or Homeschooling for Excellence 101.

Guest speakers may include animal shows, science shows, robot building, LEGO building, and much more! While parents attend Homeschooling For Excellence 101, their children can attend a variety of workshops given by speakers who will challenge them to become active and excited learners. Our goal is to remind children that learning is rewarding and interesting and that learning can happen anywhere, at anytime.
Great Speakers in Homeschooling! Learn More
We are honored to present some of the best homeschool speakers in the country!

Their expertise and experiences cover a wide range of topics, from beginning homeschooling and curriculum choices to information on how to teach specific subjects to encouragement for understanding why we homeschool and how to not only educate our children, but to impact their hearts and lives as well.
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