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Subject: Help for Homeschooling High Schoolers - One Day Conference, Roswell, GA
Date: September 1st 2014

    Homeschooling High Schooler    
Homeschooling the High Schooler Conference
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Join us for our Annual Homeschooling the High Schooler Conference!

Saturday, September 13, 2014!
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Through this highly interactive event, Randi St.Denis helps parents:
  • Understand five different ways to graduate a homeschool student.
  • Will my child’s work transfer? Transcripts, Portfolios, Testing, and All types of students: advanced to struggling. Also, explore the pros and cons of using non-accredited and accredited classes.
  • Learn how to choose interesting and meaningful things to study and what to watch out for when choosing textbooks and workbooks.
  • Receive information on outside classes, sports and other activities including joint enrollment opportunities especially for the high school student.
  • Preparing for college and work. Three skills students must have to be successful in college. Mixing teen jobs and homeschooling: How to avoid the common pitfalls.

homeschooling high schoolerWhether you have always homeschooled your child or are just beginning now that they are in high school, this highly interactive day is designed for all parents. Homeschooling the High Schooler Seminar does not promote any one form of homeschooling or any one type of curriculum or class. Instead, you’ll discover truths and techniques that apply to all children and all learning regardless of differences in educational approach or student ability.
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Costs & Schedule
  • $65 (online registration) / $80 (at the door registration)
  • Online Discounted Registration Deadline: September 10, 2014
homeschooling high schoolers
  • 8:30 – At the door registration.
  • 9:00 – Don’t Miss the Best Books and Textbooks! Learn where to find the best Math, Science, and History Textbooks. Also, chapter books that change lives. Lists of Book Suggestions are provided.
  • 11:00 – Apprenticeships and Working Outside the Home – How to Avoid Common Pitfalls.
  • 12:00 – Lunch on your own.
  • 1:15 – 5 Ways to Graduate the Homeschooled High Schooler, Including fulfilling college entrance requirements.
  • 2:30 – Will my child’s work transfer? Transcripts, Portfolios, Testing, and all types of students: advanced to struggling. Also, explore the pros and cons of using non-accredited and accredited classes.
  • 3:30 – Three Skills Students Must Have to Be Successful at the College or University.
Conference Speaker

Randi St. Denis, Director of Home Educators Encouragement Alliance, has been working with families for over 20 years. Married, with seven children ages 16 years and up (six who are in college), Randi brings an intense love for children and learning to helping parents understand what children are able to do and learn. She specializes in all types of children including gifted and special needs. A popular speaker, Randi also privately counsels on personal and educational issues and privately tutors through HEEA. For high schoolers, Randi provides tutoring in Math, Science, Writing, Remedial Reading and Spelling, Reading Comprehension, and raising SAT, ACT, GED and COMPASS scores.


Atlanta Learning Concepts
700A Hembree Place
Roswell, GA 30076

PLU Credit

HEEA has partnered with Georgia’s Department of Education to offer Professional Learning Unit Credits (PLUs) to educators in Georgia! Now HEEA not only offer technical assistance, resources, and consultative services to the Georgia education community, but also give you the advantage of obtaining professional credit for your continuing educational requirements as well!!
PLU accreditation forms will be available at the seminar site with ten seminar hours equaling one Professional Learning Unit credit.
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