August 14, 2012 12:00 pm

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Homeschool Wisely
The Solomon School
of Arts & Sciences
PreK-12 Teachers
The Solomon of Arts & Sciences provides families needing innovative teachers and tutors for their children. We are here to provide full education or supplement curriculums for parents wanting a change from the current school system curriculum. We are a group of independent teachers that work together in providing your child with a progressive program designed to stimulate interest in all subjects by making it fun. Each child is taught on a personal and individual level. Children with special needs are welcome.
We provide independent, certified teachers that will come to your home, welcome you into theirs or will meet in a public space suitable for learning. We will help strengthen your child’s abilities on all core subjects. We will also provide a stimulating and creative curriculum that will allow your child to have an experience, not just a tutoring session. We can also provide group socialization opportunities for children like field trips.