College and Career Counseling


College and Career Counseling




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Comprehensive program for students whose goal is college and/or career counseling. Includes initial interview, optional career counseling with inventories and interpretation afterwards, an interview session focusing on Dr. Fisher’s Higher Education Preference Guide and research by Dr. Fisher on potential colleges. followed by parent,student/Dr Fisher conference where entire process is reviewed to date and discussion of colleges. The student receives two page reports on each college. Following this session, Dr. Fisher will assist the student until May of their senior year and even later if a wait list is involved. This service includes essay evaluation within ethical guidelines, simulation interviews, financial aid advice and monitoring the student’s status with colleges where feasible and all questions or issues involved in the college admissions process. The program also entitles the student to the monthly Fisher College Report and College Bound News during the school year.

Career Counseling for students who do not need college counseling is available. It involves an initial interview, career inventories and an interpretation of these instruments when completed. Often, one more session is needed.

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