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FOR CHILDREN:It is my job as a counselor to help create an emotionally safe place where they are encouraged to express openly through the use of play therapy without fear of being judged. It is my job to help young children have experiences of success, acknowledged by me in a way that helps them develop an intrinsic sense of worth. Part of my work with children is also to provide coping skills and tools for self-soothing, managing emotional energy and other important life skills. I use both directive and non-directive play therapy techniques, tailoring the therapy approach to the individual client’s needs.

FOR ADULTS: With adults, it is a similar process of providing a compassionate and non judging space for individuals to express and explore their own patterns. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods appropriate to the individual’s needs including examining thoughts and actions and considering alternatives in order to dismantle those patterns that are not adaptive and replace with more adaptive thoughts and actions. With adults it is through introspective conversation, verbal examination,, some written exercises and other methods available. I also use faith-based interventions with those who desire them.

FOR COUPLES &FAMILIES: I provide counseling support to couples before they marry and during the marriage. My desire is to provide preventive counseling for those newly married. The goal for all couples counseling is to change the circle of interaction and build a safe haven of connection and intimacy with each other.

I assist families through understanding family history and dynamics and assist the change of problems in the family relationship. As a gentle facilitator, I help families shift some of these patterns in ways that generate greater balance, understanding and respect for one another. I often work with family members separately and in dyads as well as bringing the entire family together.

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