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We are a home school family that offer wonderful books and products.  We enjoy the people we meet and the customers we serve.  For 10+ years, I (Jody Robertson) have been a consultant with Usborne Books And More.  The books have been such a belssing to our family and to so many other familes too.  Consequently, my children enjoy the books and like it when the UPS driver comes with another box of books.  We often offer savings and wouldlove to service your needs.  Please contact us if you have questions or need suggestions (from babies, to even a few I highly suggest for adutls).  I enjoy helping kids find books they enjoy, even the relunctant readers!  Since I am a busy homeschool mom that puts family first, I rely heavily on word-of-mouth for our business.

If your books are iL (Internet-Linked) or iR (Internet-Referenced), visit www.usborne-quicklinks.com to activate this feature.

*note – Usborne offers a lot of non-fiction and historical fiction titles.  There are some teachings of evolution in some of the books, but it is not overdone and we use it to teach them how to talk to others about this topic.


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