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We are a home school family that offer wonderful books and products.  We enjoy the people we meet and the customers we serve.  Since 2002, I (Jody Robertson) have been a consultant with Usborne Books And More.  The books have been such a blessing to our family, as well as many other families too.  Consequently, my children enjoy the books and like it when the UPS driver comes with another box of books.  I often offer savings and would love to service your interests and needs.  Please contact me if you have questions or need suggestions (from babies, to even a few I highly suggest for upper grades and adults).  I enjoy helping kids find books they enjoy, especially the reluctant readers!  Since I am a busy homeschool mom that puts family first, I rely heavily on word-of-mouth for our business. My focus is thus NOT on recruiting, but to discover the love of reading.

If your books are iL (Internet-Linked) or iR (Internet-Referenced), visit www.usborne-quicklinks.com to activate this feature.

*note – Usborne offers numerous non-fiction and historical fiction titles.  Some books have teachings that convey a message of evolution. No mater the source, use such opportunities to teach how your family believes, versus the general worldview.


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