Website that allows you to eFile your Declaration of Intent and Monthly Attendance Forms
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eFile your Monthly Attendance Forms

Here’s a little about me and the website.

I’m a homeschool father of 4 from Athens, GA that has developed a website that allows you to file your Declaration of Intent and monthly homeschool attendance records online. 800 families have signed up since Jan 2010.

Here’s the link: http://www.homeschoolcompliance.com

The site is easy to use and a huge time-saver! Once you sign up you’ll be able to file your monthly attendance in less than 1 minute.

HomeschoolCompliance.com uses an electronic signature so you can email a PDF copy of your forms. This eliminates sending the forms in by mail (postage stamps, printer ink, paper, & envelops). There’s an auto email reminder each month which links the user to their monthly attendance forms. I’ve built many time saving features into the system, such as pre-checking off Monday – Friday and it auto calculates the total days of attendance each month as well as the cumulative days for the year.

When the local school district receives the report, you receive a return receipt email stating that they have received the report with the date and time of receipt.

I’ll include a video that shows one of the main parts of the website:


Call me if you have any other questions.

Scott Meadows

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