Elementary Science Classes

Elementary Science Classes




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Homeschool Science Classes(in my home)

Susan Coker

477 Fieldstone Court

Lilburn, GA 30047



Target grade level: 3rd–5th

(Exceptions can be made for 2nd and 6th graders.)

Class Information:

· 8-9 students/class

$8/lesson, $5 for siblings

32 lessons/year, September – May  (break between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day)

· Two classes on Thursdays:

12:45 – 2:15 p.m.

3:15 – 4:45 p.m.

Personal Information:

· Bachelor of Science with major in biology, minor in chemistry

· Master of Science Education

· Twelve years teaching science to special education students in Gwinnett County elementary school (as paraprofessional)

· Eight years teaching homeschool science to elementary students

· Five years co-leading Summer Science Camp – two weeks in June

· Member of Georgia Mineral Society

Class Philosophy:

I teach from a Christian perspective. I believe in creation and a literal Genesis. Creation science and evolution are both theories, and one’s worldview determines which theory one believes. I believe in creation science, and I point out the inconsistencies of evolution with Biblical teaching.

This is a two-year introductory program that includes most of the AKS/CRCT standards for the public schools, grades 3-6. (In two years, we can’t cover everything.) In conjunction with a lesson, there are always hands-on activities, such as experiments with data-keeping, games, puzzles, graphs, and demonstrations. Children learn by active participation; they also have information to share. Our classes are lively and fun. Students will learn to use the scientific method, a binocular microscope, balance scales, and other science equipment.

I do not give tests or grades and only occasional homework to finish class work or carry out an experiment. My objective is that children learn that science is fun and exciting and to be prepared for more formal learning in higher grades.

Please contact me for further information.

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