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Who is Darryl Hold?

Darryl Hold’s list of formal credentials are quite impressive. He is a Degreed Teacher who graduated Cum Laude with National Teacher Exam Scores all in the 90 percentile plus. In the academic field, Darryl also has been actively working as a Certified Speed Teacher since 1992, a SAT prep instructor since 2000 and , an Academic tutor since 2001. In 2008, he released his proprietary distillation of the best of Speed Reading methods encapsulated in ‘Spectacular Speed Reading DVD.’ In the health field, Darryl has been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 1993. He worked in a variety of medical/nursing settings ranging from alcohol/drug detox to psychiatric hospitals. In the fitness field, Darryl, after his own personal weight loss experience in early 2001, has worked as a Certified Personal Trainer. In more recent years, he has earned certifications as a Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Cycle Instructor and Aquatics Instructor. In 2009, Darryl Hold is under the meticulous mentoring of Dr Richard Soutar to become certified as a Neurofeedback Practitioner. Neurofeedback has the vast potential to help his clients make astounding breakthroughs in fitness and academics! Overall, Darryl has found his own personal journeys have enabled him to serve his clients in refreshingly, unique ways.

How can Darryl Hold help me?

Darryl Hold will help you through his ground breaking, proprietary intellectual products! (Actually, Darryl is a humble man who would prefer a term other than ‘intellectual products’,but language is limiting at times.) Due to his eclectic background and his penchant for non-linear thinking, you will find Darryl’s ebooks, videos, podcasts,etc delightful and thought-provoking at the same time. Most importantly, Darryl Hold’s intellectual products are easy-to-use in the real world. Last, but not least, due to his inherent generousity at this time Darryl is offering live support for his products. Clearly, he will to strictly limit this as his reputation grows on the internet.

What kind of services do you offer?

Speed Reading in person (Northern Suburbs of Atlanta, GA only), Speed Reading online, Read a Book Service,SAT prep in person (same as above), SAT prep online, Academic tutoring in person(Same as above),Academic Tutoring online, Personal Training in person (same as above) , Personal Training online, soon Neurofeedback will be available to ensure success with Darryls’ myriad of products and services.

What type of products do you offer?

Spectacular Speed Reading DVD/Streaming Video/Downloadable Financial crisis ebook. Projects planned… SAT prep, Math, Lessons from History, Unique Recommended Resources to products/services where Darryl has done his homework.

What kind of tutoring do you offer?

Speed Reading, SAT prep, Academic tutoring (most subjects).

Will your tutoring really help me?

Yes! However, Darryl prefers that you obtain references of satisfied clients and call them as part of your own due diligence.

How will your “Spectacular Speed Reading” Course help me?

It will help you greatly increase both your reading speed as well as comprehension providing you practice the methods.

Can you really help me improve my SAT score?

Darryl has been extensively tutoring SAT since 2000. His students who have not only learned the methods, but practiced them as he instructs have experienced increase in SAT scores from 50-200 points! Again, do your due diligence and call references that you obtain from Darryl Hold.

Do you have any references?

Tons! Just ask.

I’ve tried other tutors, do you think you can help me?

Depends… if you are willing to learn, willing to work and willing to persist with Darryl’s unique blend of logic and intuition… yes! If you are a whiner or need a tutoring ‘bailout’, find another tutor.

How can you tutor me if I don’t live close to you?

By email, By goto meeting, By whiteboard on Vyew.com (Please note: Darryl is very new to this type of technology… he is learning this along with you!)

How soon could I get started with you?

Depends on Darryl’s schedule… it ranges from 1 week to 2 months per his ebb and flow of tutoring as well as his myriad of projects.

What is the ‘Read a Book’ for you service all about that Darryl is offering through darrylhold.werbiz.com?

Darryl is for a short period of time offering his proprietary ‘Read a Book’ for you’ service. He will only do this for as long as it remains fun for him and an ‘over-the-top’ value for you. You will submit a request to Darryl to read a specific book within a specific time period for an agreed upon price. If he accepts, then he will read the book on your behalf. Darryl will then send you an email book review with all the salient points that satisfy your criteria. Eventually, he would prefer that you ‘fire him’ and replace him with the Spectacular Speed Reading DVD which is a distillation of the best and easy-to-use concepts Darryl has refined from 17 years of teaching Speed Reading.

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