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Who We Are
Hey Homeschoolers is a group of homeschooling kids from ages 5 to 17 who live all over the World and are dedicated to writing and illustrating fun content for kids of all ages to read and enjoy. We’re also dedicated to making a safe website for homeschooling kids where they can read stories, articles, and comics, check out cool art, submit articles for publication, and meet other homeschooled kids. HH isn’t just for kids, though-we’d love for parents to read our articles and get involved too! HH was created by three 11-year-old girls in Georgia, in May 2008. Our staff and site grew quickly, and HH ended up being better than we ever hoped it would be!

Contact Us
You can contact us with questions, comments, or new ideas by emailing editor@heyhomeschoolers.com. We love getting letters!

Q. Is the work you publish on your website really all by kids?
A. Yep! Absolutely.

Q. Do you read all the articles you receive to be considered for publication?
A. Yes, we definitely do, both from anonymous contributers and from our staff. We want to make sure that everything submitted is something that our readers will enjoy, and that we’re proud of.

Q. When and where was HH created?
A. The idea for HH was developed in a small restaurant in Georgia. It quickly grew by word of mouth, email, facebook, twitter, and more, with the help of our wonderful readers.

Q. How can I get my work published/join the staff of HH?
A. Go here.

We also have a twitter and facebook –



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