Provides information about college scholarships designed specifically for homeschooled students.
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Homeschool Scholarships

The purpose of Homeschool Scholarships is to inspire businesses and individuals to recognize the unique potential of homeschooled students by creating college scholarships designed specifically for them, and to provide a place for homeschooled students to find those scholarships.

The site features listings of private homeschool scholarships, regional homeschool scholarships, college-specific homeschool scholarships (listed by state) and homeschool organization homeschool scholarships. It also provides information about ways homeschooled students can compensate for lack of school activities when filling out scholarship forms designed for students in traditional schools.

Additional features of this site include scholarships for activities which homeschooled students are likely to be involved in, such as scouting, AWANA and other resources often used in homeschooling.

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