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Today we’re a startup t-shirt company, but our vision is so much more!  Our vision to bring together homeschoolers by coming alongside families to encourage and build community.  As homeschoolers ourselves, we think about things a little differently.

Our vision starts with Building Identity.  We all know the world has it’s own idea of homeschoolers, but we believe we can recapture and redeem that identity.

We’re committed to Creating Community.  While homeschoolers come in many shapes and sizes, we all draw strength and encouragement from each other.  Homeschoolers are by nature independent minded, yet we’re also interdependent on one another.

We’re impacting our communities by raising a new generation of individual, independent thinkers. As we become more visible in the public square, we’re Raising Awareness about non-traditional educational alternatives.

And finally, we believe that we are Changing Culture through home education.  Our legacy as homeschoolers is the next generation that we raise.  Our legacy as a company is how we can help.

Why T-shirts?  Well, besides the fact that we love wearing T-shirts, we know that in today’s culture, people identify themselves with the cars they drive to the coffee they drink and everything in between.  So we’re using mediums of the popular culture to redeem the world’s perception of homeschoolers.  Our designs seek to engage and challenge the broader culture in a friendly and whimsical way.  We are all ambassadors for the homeschool community.

Yes, we know that’s a lot for a little T-shirt company!  But building a business on small dreams just isn’t our style.  We’re running our business like we’re raising our families.  You see, our vision is to change the face of homeshooling.  And when you wear a Homeskoolie T-shirt, you’re making that vision a reality!

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