Keeping your Family Healthy!


Keeping your Family Healthy!

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It Works is a health and wellness company and while our signature product is an herbal body wrap designed for weight loss and body trimming, we have many vitamins and supplements that are an excellent source of rounding out the nutrition in your family. One of my favorite products is called “Greens.” Our Greens blend 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “superfoods” to provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their naturally-occurring, bio-active, bio-available form. It can be hard for your children, and sometimes even the “big” kids, to eat all their fruits and veggies. Two scoops of greens each day (one scoop for kids) takes care of that worry! There are many other vitamins and supplements available to help keep you and your family healthy and well. Be sure to check us out!


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