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Kid Cultivators Home School Group is an inclusive support group for those new to homeschooling and/or experienced in homeschooling living in the Atlanta-metro area. Discussion topics focus on homeschooling, general learning, educational methods, and curricula to name a few. We share information on resources, field trips, activities and other information pertinent to our needs. Our group is interfaith and not affiliated with any one religion, denomination or spiritual path–we welcome everyone! We do not tolerate discrimination against people based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, faith, family size or type.

Kid Cultivators Home School Group is seeking to build a strong community in the form of a very active home school support group. As a group we are here for each other, for support, exchange of ideas, information and to share our passion for teaching and learning with our children. We meet in person, and often, some of us open our homes to others for activities, etc. Because of this, we may seem a little more cautious about who joins our group. If you are interested in joining the group, please fully complete the survey, upload a clear photo of yourself and remember that the caution we use will protect you and your family as it does us and ours!

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