Odette Dance - Mableton, GA

Odette Dance - Mableton, GA

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Our name may sound a little stuffy, but we’re a pretty laid back place to take dance. Actually, the name Odette comes from the main character in Swan Lake.

As for what makes us different, we offer small dance classes in a variety of disciplines at an affordable price. And we don’t make you sign a contract. Don’t get us wrong, we love dance but we started our studio to offer parents an alternative to the high priced, stiff upper lip studios that often intimidate parents, challenge budgets and sometimes even take the fun out of dance.

We love to have fun, but we do take our dance seriously. In fact, our owner is the lead instructor who brings with her more than 20 years of experience including a degree at the New World School of the Arts, NYU’s TISCH School of performing arts and more than a decade of professional touring, including tours of both Europe and the United States with various professional companies.

So, whether your looking for serious training in Ballet or you just want to have some fun with a Hip-Hop class, we can help you get the most out of your love of dance while still maintaining a healthy relationship with your wallet.

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