One-on-One Academic and Orton-Gillingham Services


One-on-One Academic and Orton-Gillingham Services




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“Teachers change the world one child at a time,” is a quote found on a plaque my father first gave me when I entered the teaching profession-a quote that still inspires me to help my student’s achieve academic success. Originally from Buffalo, New York I have always dreamed of being an educator. That dream became a reality when I entered the education profession 10 years ago. I began this journey in a 2nd grade classroom located in Northern Virginia. It continued as I took on the role of Special Education Teacher. After meeting my husband, it took shape as I began teaching at Hawthorne Elementary in DeKalb County as an Interrelated Teacher. Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity to assist students in achieving academic success through a learning center and private tutoring environments. I have also served in leadership roles as a mentor, presenter, and advisory committee member in DeKalb County Schools. In these roles, I emphasized educational practices that motivate and engage student learning.

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