Western Culture and Fine Arts in 13 hours of lively DVD with audio set and resource book
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Professor Carol's "Discovering Music"

Professor Carol’s entertaining and engaging style takes the substantive materials that you might find in a college level course and makes them accessible for high-school and middle-school students.  Everything necessary to explore this subject is included in the course, and neither the student nor the parent needs to have any prior knowledge of music.  All of the instruction is given on more than 13 hours of video that makes history interesting and memorable.

This unique course explores the arts and history of Western Civilization from 1600 to 1914, including topics such as the Royal Court of Louis XIV, scientific developments of the Baroque era, the life of J.S. Bach, opera, Beethoven and rise of the artist as hero, German romantic literature, music in the home, art of Tsarist Russia, Tin Pan Alley and Vaudeville, the liturgical calendar, the art that foresaw the coming cataclysm of World War I, and much more.

The video includes footage shot in Europe, visits to historical sites, performances and commentary by more than 20 experts.  A 236-page resource book and 3-disc audio listening set are included.  Suitable for Fine Arts or Humanities credit.

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