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Riff Academy-Homeschool Music Curriculum

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Welcome to Riff Academy – Riff Homeschool Music Academy, an interactive online music education site dedicated to providing the Homeschool community with a fun, convenient and economical curriculum for the development of Music Theory, Technique, Ear Training and Performance.

The benefits of music and arts on learning, self esteem and social development has been well established. However, the ability for young people to become involved in music can be difficult for many homeschool families as they struggle to juggle an already hectic daily schedule. We understand this issue as our Riff Academy Guitar Instructor has been a homeschool parent. Riff Academy’s portability eliminates the problem. Our program accommodates all computers, tablets and mobile devices making it easy for the Homeschool student to take a lesson when and where it is convenient.

Currently www.riffacademy.com offers beginner to intermediate instruction in these categories: online drum lessons, online guitar lessons, online bass lessons and online keyboard lessons.

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