Sewing and Other Handwork Instruction

Sewing and Other Handwork Instruction




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I’m a teacher and fiber artist who would love to connect with local homeschoolers and offer classes to individuals or small groups. I sew, knit, dye, weave, dye, and felt and have experience teaching all these skills to kids.

I’m a trained Waldorf teacher specializing in handwork, and I believe that developing practical skills with the hands supports a child’s growth in many ways. It builds confidence, problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills ,and coordination. It can also support many facets of the academic curriculum, like history, math, and science. I can bring crafts as an experience on their own or as enrichment to other things students are learning about. Just imagine how a class on weaving could support the study of Native Americans or the Industrial Revolution, dyeing for chemistry or color theory, sewing for math or any historical period.

I’m willing to offer anything from an hour-long activity to more in-depth classes that meet weekly for a series of weeks. I have organized many successful tie-dye parties and would be delighted to offer that to your group. I’m also very interested in offering instruction and guidance to a student who wants to design and create her own clothing.

I’ve taught kids and teens in many settings, including public libraries, Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, and Waldorf schools and am happy to provide references on request.

If you are interested in arranging for a class, please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at (919) 259-9966.

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