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Hello my name is Kim Strickland.  I am a private tutor and have worked for the last 7 years with students from Cobb County.  I am a certified math teacher in the state of GA with 13 years teaching experience in Fulton County.  In addition to that I’ve tutored for 12 years.  I spent six years at Centennial High in Roswell and there I developed theAP Calculus program.  Consistently I had 70% of my students earn fives on the exam.  I have also had the privilege of being an exam grader for the BC Calculus exams for 3 years for the College Board.  In addition to this I taught Algebra I for 6 years because I was the Student Support Team Chairperson at Centennial and wanted to stay in contact with the kids at most risk.  In this capacity I helped teachers find modalities to bridge the gap from where students were and where they needed to be.

I also was a 7th grade middle school teacher for three years so I know where students progress from and how to fill in their gaps.  I have a Masters degree from GSU in mathematics.  I was also valedictorian of my class at North Cobb High School.

If you have students in need of additional assistance that request a tutor I would greatly appreciate it if you gave them my contact information.

I can tutor all levels and all subjects and especially love the advanced levels.  My information is also at the counseling office.

I am currently a stay-at- home mother with young children so I am able to be flexible with my schedule so as to best help students, as I know most of them are very busy.

I have taught via Skype with several students including in Australia.

Call 678-717-9449 for more information.

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