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Reading and Comprehension, Writing and Composition, Grammar

v  Multicultural Literature

Reading books from authors of color

Writing assignments include building a character of another culture and writing about their life.


v  English Literature

This is a study of American and English poetry and short stories. Students will learn to critique and compose writing.


v  Building a Sentence with Style

Grammar class will be focused on learning the parts of a sentence and how to properly compose sentences.  Writing will be edited and deconstructed in order to strengthen grammar skills. Students will learn how to use Style books like the AP Style Book.


v  Scrabble Spelling Bee

Using the game Scrabble, students will work on their spelling and vocabulary. They also will practice their math by learning how to keep score. This class is about words, words and more words.


v  The Perfect Essay

Students will learn to write and craft essays. They will learn about the different types of essays like persuasive writing, contrasting and comparing and book report essays.


v  Learn to Read and Write

First steps to reading and writing.





v  Beginning to Learn Math – First steps to learning math includes adding, subtracting, fractions, telling time and counting money


v  I See Three Dimensions – Learning to see and draw shapes in three dimensions. Students will learn equations associated with the shapes and dimensions.


v  How did that happen? – Applying physics theories to real life situations. Students will experiment by trying to recreate a scenario so they can see a physics equation in action.





v  News 101 – Writing in the inverse pyramid style of journalism. Students will learn about the editorial writing style. They will learn how to take notes, how to ask questions to sources and the importance of editing.



v  Botany, FlowerBots – Study of native plants, including flowers and trees or Georgia. Field trips to Fernbank Science Center and Stone Mountain Park. Students will be drawing, painting and drying plants.


v  Ornithology, Look, it’s a Bird! – Studying, identifying native birds to Georgia. Field trip includes trip to Fernbank Science Center and Stone Mountain Park. Students will be drawing and painting.


v  Astronomy, Stellar Skies – Studying the universe using tools like Google Sky. Students will learn constellations and definitions of various stellar bodies like the moon, nebulas and comets.  Student field trip is to the Fernbank Planetarium.


v  My Own Science Fair – Students will create projects using the scientific method. They will decide with their teacher on a topic and while the project is underway, the student will be evaluating the changes of their project from beginning to end.


v  Biology – Study of human, animal and plant biology. Students will study what makes up a cell and what physical traits make something alive. The depth and complexity of this course varies with age.


v  Pump up the Volume – A study of scientific measurements for liquids, solids and gases.


v  Ingenious Engineering – Students will engineer their own creations like building bridges, roller coasters and planes. The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the many branches of engineering and how their own inventions may be genius one day. 


v  Mellow Mars – Students will learn and research current news on the Mars rovers and recent discoveries about the planet. This class is about research, composition and presentation.


Visual Arts

v  Faces and Places– Students will paint landscapes, draw faces and possibly bodies.


v  Jewelry by Me – Beading. Using bought and found materials, students will make jewelry.


v  Clay Play – Using clay, students will make plaques, bowls, cups and raised relief sculptures.


v  Watercolor – Students will learn to make their own watercolors from acrylic paints. They will learn about and use the various papers that are best to use. They will practice painting still life


v  Olay! Oil-ay! – Students will learn how to paint using oil paints. They will learn what surfaces can take oil, how to mix colors, how to stretch oil, creating textures, and cleaning brushes after using oil.


v  Mix it up – Mixed Media Collage.  Teaching students to be bold and original with their technique my mixing up what they have learned with found objects.


v  Contact: Francia McCormack Wilson


v  678.732.0035 – 347-401-4963


v  franciam@gmail.com


v  $10/ 40 min. class


v  Cash, Checks, Visa/Mastercard/PayPal accepted.



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