The Timothy Group is a faith based non-profit organization. We forge biblically sound young men.
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The Timothy Group, Incorporated

The Timothy Group is a faith based non-profit organization. We provide Christ-centered instruction in an outdoor adventure environment, in order to build character, increase faith and forge elite warriors for Christ. Utilizing hands-on training in a small unit setting, students learn how to reject passivity, accept responsibility and lead courageously as they discover their God-given ability to endure hardship, become comfortable with discomfort and value purpose over pleasure. Training includes: rappelling, rock climbing, team building exercises, leadership skill shops, navigation, communication skills sets, problem solving skills, water survival, jungle survival, land survival, and self-protection.  The Timothy Group graduate understands that true leadership involves putting others ahead of self, their interests ahead of his own and never acting selfishly. He leads by example, values human life and is willing to be a living sacrifice at home and abroad so that others may live to know their creator.

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