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Receive a FREE One Year Center for Homeschool Liberty Membership when you attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo. Stop by the National Center for Life and Liberty: Center for Homeschool Liberty booth to sign up. This membership includes the opportunity to create a “Last Will and Testament” each for you and your spouse. This “Last Will and Testament” will benefit you and your family.

Membership Benefits

Don’t navigate the legal system alone!

When you join Center for Homeschool Liberty, you are given the telephone number of an attorney who is available to answer any legal question related to homeschool issues.

As a member of Center for Homeschool Liberty, you also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, if your homeschool is challenged legally, Center for Homeschool Liberty will represent you up through and including litigation.

In addition, Center for Homeschool Liberty members receive free legal representation for religious liberty issues even if the cause of action is not related to homeschooling. This includes matters such as workplace discrimination, Christian employer obligations, the right to witness, public prayer, and any other matter related to Christians in matters of faith.

Most legal matters related to homeschooling and Christian liberty are resolved quickly without court action. Often, Center for Homeschool Liberty attorneys can successfully defend an attack by contacting local officials on behalf of our member. If a court case is necessary, Center for Homeschool Liberty provides full representation every step of the way. Members can take comfort in knowing they enjoy full legal protection for homeschooling and Christian liberty issues.

Additional Benefits

* A last will and testament drafted by an attorney that will thoughtfully distribute your estate to your heirs and outline your wishes for your children.
* Access to a comprehensive website with homeschool laws for your state, legal alerts, and instructional videos to prepare you to counter legal problems.
* A 20 percent discount on legal and educational resources.

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After a six month struggle with local school officials, a mother in Massachusetts contacted Center for Homeschool Liberty.  Her school district insisted her children take certain standardized tests.  She presented impressive evidence to the superintendent that such testing was unnecessary.  She had already carefully documented her childrens’ progress.  The local official still would not budge until an Center for Homeschool Liberty attorney intervened.  After being contacted by Center for Homeschool Liberty Legal Services, this homeschool mom received unconditional approval for her program and assessment method.

A homeschool mom in Wisconsin searched for services for her visually impaired son.  The local school district was unable to assist her.  Through the assistance of Center for Homeschool Liberty staff, this family was able to find the right services for their son.

A veteran homeschooler wrote to one of our attorneys.

Thank you so much for your help. Your involvement in  this [legal] situation has made our lives less stressful.  Knowing  someone was out there for us and that we were not alone was a great  blessing.

I never thought, after eighteen years of homeschooling, that I  would need legal help, but I am so glad that I could reach out to your  organization, and get instant help.  Thanks again.”

Gratefully, Anita  B.

Knowing where to turn when you need support and guidance is critical for Homeschool parents and families. That’s why Center for Homeschool Liberty has been helping Homeschool parents for more than 40 years, from finding the right resources to assist with special needs to full legal representation.

Center for Homeschool Liberty is a ministry of legal assistance for homeschoolers throughout the United States, and is an outreach of the National Center for Life and Liberty. The NCLL has faithfully served churches and families since 1969, and has successfully defended more than 8,000 educational freedom-related cases.

You can activate your FREE one year membership when you attend the Alabama Homeschool Expo and stop by the Center for Homeschool Liberty booth. Your family receives a complimentary first-year NCLL:CHL membership – which also includes a free Last Will & Testament for both mom and dad.

The Center for Homeschool Liberty team includes a large group of full-time attorneys, including homeschool parent and author, attorney Christine Field and an additional 200+ affiliated attorneys throughout the United States. The Center for Homeschool Liberty stands ready to educate and empower Homeschoolers so that they can respond kindly and confidently to local officials when homeschooling questions arise. And, when direct attorney involvement or even official legal representation is required, members of Center for Homeschool Liberty can rest assured that assistance from an experienced Center for Homeschool Liberty attorney is only a phone call away.

Visit the Center for Homeschool Liberty website ( for an overview of membership benefits and answers to many frequently asked questions which clearly articulate the unique philosophy and value that constitute the Homeschool Legal Advantage.  You can also contact them at (727) 278-7684.