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The Georgia 4-H Environmental education.

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Preschool in a Package

Preschool in a Package. This is a preschool curriculum designed for a homeschool environment as well as teachers in a classroom. It is in hard copy and CD form. We also have some curriculum tools we have designed to complement our package.

Christy Walters

Christy Walters has been a private tutor for the past 20 years. In 2001, she realized that the explanations in most math textbooks were not sufficient for homeschooled students. She discovered she could write textbooks that emulate what she does as a highly successful tutor, and she is now the author of Algebra I: A Fresh Approach, Geometry: A Fresh Approach, and Algebra II: A Fresh Approach.

Antoinette LaGrossa

Wife and busy homeschool mom of five children, Antoinette LaGrossa has been helping families find math solutions for a decade.

ShillerMath: How Kids Learn Math


ShillerMath publishes research-based math curriculum, music, manipulatives, flashcards, and workbooks for students of ages 4-12 (including pre-K and pre-Algebra), with beautifully designed lessons, diagnostic tests with answer keys, math songs, and Montessori-based manipulatives.

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