Heart for Home School Ministries


For 3 years, Mari hosted the weekly radio program, “Heart for Home School.” This expanded into a vision; Heart for Home School Ministries, a 501 c (3) that sponsors seminars and conferences to help and support home school families educate their children with confidence. Mari no longer hosts a weekly radio program. However, she offers advice and wisdom drawn from her many years of experience through short commentaries, “Home School Highlights,” which are aired throughout the day on WRTP HIS Radio stations.

Heart for Home School Ministries was founded in 2002 by Mari Fitz-Wynn and her late husband P. Wynn. It sponsor seminars and conferences to help home school families educate their children through conferences, seminars and various activities that allow parents which provide parents’ opportunities to develop, sharpen, or add new skills to their roles as teachers and administrators.

We provide a network of information and support for home school families, by partnering new home school families with veteran home educators.

Jim Giovannini

Jim Giovannini has been an educator and entrepreneur all his life. Today he is recognized as one the nation’s leading experts in ACT and SAT preparation. Each year, his company serves thousands of families and dozens of school districts. He is a nationally published, bestselling author with Barron’s Educational Series. Through his ACT test prep program called ACT SUCCESS, Jim helps build skills and scores for all students – leading to increased college admission choices and better scholarship opportunities. Utilized by families, tutors, learning centers, and schools across the nation, ACT SUCCESS truly builds college readiness skills, increases ACT test scores, and creates better college opportunities for all.

ACT SUCCESS by Academic Tutoring


We sell an complete ACT prep package for the homeschool family.

Visit Website: ACT Success by Academic Tutoring – http://www.actsuccess.org

Trivedi Chemistry


We provide a flash drive mounted interactive program that teaches high school chemistry. The A.P. Chemistry version is the only College Board approved e-text for college level A.P. Chemistry.

Cameron Sorsby


Cameron is an entrepreneur and a life-long student of ideas. He’s worked with various organizations, including the Foundation for Economic Education, to educate young people on and cultivate their passion for entrepreneurship. Throughout his experience in fundraising, educational programming, and sports, he’s learned the best way to gain valuable skills is through action. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurial young people figure out how they want to impact the world. Cameron is a graduate of the inaugural Praxis class.