Workshop: How to Teach a Child to see God in Nature

Title: How to Teach a Child to see God in Nature

Speaker/Affiliation: Nancy Riddle/Him Visible

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 12:30 PM

Description: This workshop will examine some of the reasons why children cannot see God in nature. It shares Nancy Riddle’s revelations & their impact on her discovery of God in nature. Together the workshop explores how seeing God in nature impacts a child’s life. Many of the techniques that Nancy used in her classroom are revealed. Many examples of the “double meanings” of animals & plants are discussed. Many “aha” connections will be found. You will learn how to teach a child to expand the observed relationships to other areas of life. Tips on how to utilize these principles in various science courses are given. You will be taught how to use these principles in subjects other than science. The importance of “questions” in teaching will be amplified. Of everything taught in elementary school, teaching a child to see God in nature may have the most profound impact on their life. (Room 110)