Workshop: The Logic of English

Denise Eide - Spell to Write & Read

Title: The Logic of English

Speaker/Affiliation: Denise Eide/Spell to Write & Read

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 1:45 PM

Description: In this workshop we will explore The Logic of English, & learn a few of the 70 phonograms & 26 spelling rules which explain 99% of English words. We will learn 5 reasons for silent finals in English & more which you will wish you had learned in school. This workshop is for anyone who is teaching reading, anyone who struggles with spelling, or has students who struggle with reading or spelling. Many logical/literal engineers find this workshop amazing. You will learn how to lay a strong foundation in language arts & prevent or aid dyslexia. If you have always believed English is illogical, this workshop is for you!