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From: "Southeast Homeschool Expo" <webmaster@PROTECTED>
Subject: 8 Reasons to Attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo!
Date: July 21st 2012

Dear Homeschooler - What is more fun than browsing through curriculum, books, science kits, and more through rows of vendor booths? I've been attending the Southeast Homeschool Expo for over 15 years, and everything about it excites me to the very core. The shiny new curriculum, the workshops with invaluable information, the laughter of children, and the inquisitive chatter of homeschooling moms AND dads.

I get disappointed when I hear someone say that they have no need to attend a homeschool expo or convention. Perhaps you’ve never been? Or you went one year and thought that was all you needed. You don't know what you are missing! In my experience, attending ANY homeschool expo/convention is invaluable to my homeschooling. I look forward to it every year and can’t imagine missing it.

Want to know why you should join me?

  1. Everyone needs encouragement. Homeschooling families make a huge sacrifice. The day-to-day chores and teaching can leave us frustrated and feeling inadequate. A great homeschool expo can sooth the soul. Thousands of like minded people, who won’t tell you to just put them in school, surround you with practical tips, heart-warming stories, and encouragement.
  2. When I had my first child, I spent a long time reading books and getting prepared. I thought I knew everything about having babies but quickly learned that I didn't. Attending a yearly homeschool expo gives me the opportunity to increase my knowledge on a wide variety of topics. There is always something that I could learn more about. After all, no one knows everything.
  3. The workshop speakers are there to challenge you. They bring many years of experience from all different view points. I especially love the homeschooling moms that speak and share many practical ways of homeschooling. Attending these workshops should be considered "continuing education" for homeschooling parents so that we can be at our best for our children.

4. No matter how many times I read a great review of a product, it still doesn't sink in until I've been able to touch and flip through the resource myself. Choosing a college or an online learning opportunity is made easier when I am able to talk to someone, in person, and see excited they are about their service or product. Attending a homeschool expo/convention is one of the few ways to make this happen. Even if you don't purchase everything on your wish list, it's a great place to get good ideas!

5. Being a homeschooling parent, with a work-at-home business, I want to support others that do the same. Did you know that the Southeast Homeschool Expo is run by a homeschooling family of 10 whose kids have all grown up at the Expo? Year after year, extended family and friends help them out too. Many other homeschooling businesses started as home-based businesses and have grown as the families grew. I love to support those companies. And your children will have an opportunity to talk to others and maybe get some ideas on how they can start a home-based business.

6. Do you ever have questions about how a curriculum might work? Or how it might fit in with other things you are trying to teach. It's fun to be able to talk to the actual author of the material and get their input.

7. If you have just taken your children out of public school to homeschool them, they might be feeling a little lost. What an encouragement to them when they see many other homeschooling families of different shapes and sizes in one place. They won't feel like they are the only ones being homeschooled.

8. Children are NOT left out at the Southeast Homeschool Expo. There are many different things available for them. KidsZone is an all-day event where children attend a variety of workshops given by speakers who will challenge them to become active and excited learners. Inside the Expo hall, there are other activities available such as a rock-climbing wall, an obstacle course, a chess tournament, an Atlanta Braves activity area, and a game area. Some of these activities have a separate fee. Check out the website for more information.

Have you gotten excited yet? I am! My children can't wait to attend this year. I know that the discounted registration is still available until midnight tonight. Don't wait! Do this for yourself and for your children!

Happy Homeschooling!

Kelly Ling
Homeschool Mom of 5
Alpharetta, GA

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