Jennifer Ford Berry

Jennifer Ford Berry

Jennifer Ford Berry is an organizational expert, best selling author, entrepreneur and speaker. Her first book Organize Now! a week-by-week guide to simplify your space & your life has sold over 300,000 copies world wide. Jennifer has recently published Organize Now! your money, business & career and Organize Now! 12 month home and activity planner. She is currently writing her next book which will be launched in November 2013.

Jennifer is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. She resides in Western New York where she continues to work hands on with her clients helping them to eliminate clutter and live their dreams. ”When working with my clients my goal is to ultimately help them feel happier in their life. Eliminating clutter and organizing your life will give you more energy, lift your spirits and make room for better things and experiences to come into your life. It’s a tremendously freeing and liberating experience. You will be able to find everything you need, when you need it and finish projects and tasks on schedule”. Jennifer was appeared in many national magazines and newspapers. She has also spoke to many audiences that include, but are not limited to, the Learning Annex, corporations, radio stations, churches, mom groups and school districts.


Some of the print media Jennifer Ford Berry has appeared in:

Some of the radio shows Jennifer Ford Berry has been on:

  • WIP-AM (Philadelpha, PA) Live with Peter Solomon
  • WIFC-FM(Green Bay, WI) Live with Kallaway on the Rise
  • WTIC-AM (Hartford, CT) Live with Ray Dunaway
  • WPHM-AM (Detroit, MI) Live with Paul Miller
  • WKQK-FM(Memphis, TN) Live with Conley & Karen
  • WLA-AM(Cincinnati, OH) Talk with Jim Scott
  • WHUD-FM (Metro NYC) Talk with Kacey Morabito
  • CKGL-AM (Ontario, CAN) Live with Gary Doyle
  • WRVC-AM(Huntington, WVA) Live with Jean Dean
  • WASH-FM(Washington DC) Women of Vision show
  • Cable Radio Network Live with Jack Roberts
  • KFRU-AM(Columbia, MO) Live with David Lile
  • KWRM-FM (Seattle, WA) Talk with Kate Daniels
  • CJAD-AM (Montreal, QUE) Live with Kim Fraser
  • Lifestyle Radio Network Live with Frankie Boyer
  • CJOB-FM (Winnipeg, Manitoba CAN) Live with Laurie Langcasto
  • Fly Lady Network on the MomRN show