Homeschool Convention for Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and More

COME AND ENJOY a two-day Expo devoted entirely to the display, sale and discussion of educational materials with entire exhibit hall displays of materials by the best Christian, secular and specialty publishers.

At perhaps no other time do homeschooling families feel a need to rejuvenate than those weeks before beginning a new school year. We’d like to suggest a perfect opportunity for lifting your spirits, renewing your vision and sharpening your teaching skills as a homeschooler. BRING FRIENDS! All educationally minded parents enjoy Looking and Learning!

New homeschoolers, classical homeschoolers, eclectic homeschoolers, unschoolers – everyone will find something for them at the Southeast Homeschool Expo! You might have babies or high schoolers, maybe everything else in between! No matter where you are on your homeschooling journey, you will find whatever you need to inspire, enlighten, and encourage you through your next year of homeschooling.


Come and join us! Listen to inspiring speakers, make some new homeschool friends – maybe just spend time reconnecting with other old homeschooling friends. Give your homeschooling a new or fresh start with creative ideas, homeschool products, and services you and your children will enjoy!

  • Practical “How To” Sessions on many different subjects
  • “Getting Started” Workshops for those thinking about or new to homeschooling
  • Homeschooling Teens and Preparing for College
  • Dealing with Challenges: Encouraging Independent Learning, Large Families, Wiggly Kids, Avoiding Burn-out, Homeschooling the “Hard” Stuff
  • And much, much, more!

A few people have asked about the Homeschool Expo.  We are a Christian Family who has successfully homeschooled all of our seven children and have helped others through creating homeschooling events for over 25 years.   Our goal with the Expo events is to focus on education.  So often, we as homeschoolers are excited about raising and educating our children but don’t always know how to go about it well.

We long for more than just pep talks about how to have families that are moral, safe and God centered.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that these things aren’t important.  But, as homeschool parents  we also need to know exactly how to get our kids through math and how not to waste money on disappointing materials!  There are so many things to do and so little time, HELP!  Sometimes it seems like we are the only ones homeschooling at home, while everyone else is sending their children to so many outside classes and hybrid schools.  These are all great too, a real sign of how far homeschooling has come.  But our Expo goal is to make homeschooling events where parents get all the actual tools, information and encouragement they need.  Not just a pep talk!  We personally have children who learn easily and children who struggle for everything they get.  We have children who are easy to get along with and children who can sometimes be a real pain.  We think education is great and for everyone, and a little bit of humor is important too!  We want to tell everyone that homeschool learning can be fun and exciting.

So, join us at the Homeschool Expo.  We think you’ll see right away how different and encouraging we are!



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