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Considering Homeschooling? Ask Yourself This First!

Have you been considering homeschooling as a viable educational option for your family? If so, take the time to consider these nine questions.

Do You Know Your State’s Homeschool Requirements?

Each state in the U.S. has a different set of laws concerning homeschooling. Be sure that you familiarize yourself with your state and local homeschool regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Tim Samuel

Tim Samuel is a 22 year old serial entrepreneur, videographer, and influencer. Tim was born in Bronx, New York into a small Caribbean family. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease he struggled as a kid being admitted into hospitals often for months at a time. Nonetheless, he went on to graduate high school in the top of his class as an AP Honor. Through the years he developed an interest in business and creative arts such as film. He is the VP and Co-founder of, the netflix for arts and has 4+ years producing hundreds of videos for non-profits and businesses.

Seven Ways to Save Money Homeschooling

IF you’re like me you are always looking for a few ways to save money! Homeschooling families often work on tight budgets, and try to cut costs when they can. Here are 10 ways you can save money homeschooling.

What do I NEED to Homeschool?

What do you need to homeschool? The answer may surprise you! Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to homeschool! 

When you first begin homeschooling it may seem like you have purchased everything that other homeschool parents have or multiple items seen in catalogs. You will probably ask yourself, “What do I NEED to homeschool?”. The truth is you can homeschool with very little outside of regular household and school items. There are only a few things you actually NEED to homeschool.

Can You Work and Homeschool?

When a family decides to homeschool, it is assumed that mom will not work. However, it is possible to work and homeschool.

For many homeschool families, it is hard to live on one income. Honestly, when a family decides to homeschool, it is almost always assumed that mom (if she works outside the home) will quit her job to take on the bulk of the homeschooling. However, it is possible to work and homeschool. Working and homeschooling can be done, one just needs to plan ahead, enlist help, and manage one’s time.


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