Be a Volunteer

Would you like to Volunteer at the Southeast Homeschool Expo?

Volunteer and earn FREE ADMISSION TO ANY EXPO EVENT! You can earn more than one admission and you may either use it for yourself or give a free admission to whomever you wish. Our volunteers work at the registration booth, chaperone events for children, or oversee workshops. Placement is our choice, but requests are accepted. The opportunities for FREE registration are as follows:

  • Southeast Homeschool Expo – must work 1 time slot
  • Homeschool for Excellence 101 – must work 2 time slots
  • Homeschool KidsZone – must work 2 time slots for each day for each child

Click Here to Register as a Volunteer!

Thank you for volunteering to serve other homeschoolers at the Southeast Homeschool Expo!


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