2014 Workshop Schedule

Need Some Help and Encouragement? So Many Workshops – So Little Time!

Choose from Educating the Gifted Child, Homeschooling Special Needs, Making Learning Fun with Hands-On Activities, Homeschooling Dads Panel Discussion, and more! The Southeast Homeschool Expo is committed to bringing you the most enjoyable and informative homeschool and parenting workshops ever – all under one roof

Purchase audio recordings of workshops shortly after it ends by visiting the Rhino Technologies’ booth in the exhibit hall! They record the workshops and provide recordings available for purchase on-site if you miss a workshop!

Most workshops are one hour in length, attendance is FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED basis.

Final workshop list with dates and times will be available closer to the Expo.

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Raising and Homeschooling Boys
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
Boys see differently, hear differently, think differently and learn differently. Sometimes it’s tough for moms and dads to know just how to raise and educate them. Randi St.Denis, the mother of seven children, five of them boys, helps parents face the joys and challenges of homeschooling boys as they grow into young men.

Ways to Improve the Education of Gifted Children
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
Discover ways to help gifted children to achieve their potential without self destructing from stress. Gifted kids are children too! Sometimes they are more mature than anyone else & sometimes they are more babyish than anyone else. Learn secrets to pacing gifted children, encouraging them to tackle tough scenarios, helping them learn resilience when they hit a wall, & helping them to develop better social skills.

Math tips and tricks to Help Grades 1-6
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
There are lots of great math books out there, but the most important resource is moms and dads attitudes. Be the best math wizard your kids can get. Even if math makes you squeamish, learn key ways to help your children work smarter not harder. Seen books with weird ways to work problems? Discover how to make math simple, clear, systematic and enjoyable. Randi will also answer questions on what to look out for when choosing math materials.

Struggling Learners
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
Bringing 30 years experience with Homeschooling all types of special needs children, Randi St.Denis, homeschooling mother, tutor, and special needs advocate gives parents loads of information for homeschooling success. Learn how to choose materials, use technology to speed learning, improve visual, auditory, sensory motor and social issues, and set realistic and attainable goals. Famous for her student’s high educational success rates, Randi has many special needs students who have gone on to become successful college students and employees. Start early and set your child on the path that leads to success.

Homeschooling Multiple Children at Once
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
So many children and so little time!? It’s easy and fun to homeschool multiple children once you know how. Learn to make homeschooling fun while making sure that each child gets what he or she need as an individual. Workshop includes help on what to do with the little ones, how to balance advanced students with struggling learners, and most importantly, how to keep one child working while mom is working with another.

Curing Spelling and Reading Problems
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
At last! Some real help! You’ve tried every program & wonder why your child is still not a fluent reader or good speller. Randi helps parents understand why some children do not easily achieve reading & spelling success. These students must be taught with special methods, concentrating on multi-sensory, structured, sequential steps.

The Difficult Resistant Child
Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
The resistant child can be a nightmare to educate. Today’s resistant child could become tomorrow’s steadfast and reliable adult. Hear other parents discuss how they brought about real change without crushing the tender hearts of their child.

Teaching Your Kids to Think
Cynthia Simmons, Former Homeschool Mom of 5
In this postmodern society, it is vital that we teach our kids more than facts. This class will cover ways to instruct your children how to discern so that won’t succumb to manipulation and deceit.

Overcoming Obstacles
Cynthia Simmons, Former Homeschool Mom of 5
A busy homeschool mother will hit barriers. This class will teach you to think outside the box so you can get the job done.

How to Homeschool and Stay Organized
Cynthia Simmons, Former Homeschool Mom of 5
A disorganized home can prevent you from reaching your educational goals. This class will cover tools to keep your home organized and functioning smoothly.

How to Homeschool and Keep Your Sanity
Cynthia Simmons, Former Homeschool Mom of 5
Taking on the education of our children forces a mother to juggle many responsibilities. This class will help you learn to set goals and live a balanced life.

How to become a Real Estate Day Trader
Larry Goins, The Goins Group
Learn how to start and grow a Real Estate Investing business from your home using your internet, phone and fax.  

Inspire Me!  A Total Language Plus Workshop
Traci Barrientos, Total Language Plus
Are you looking to change things up or don’t know where to start to create an amazing school year for your Language Arts curriculum?  Don’t just check the box, inspire your students! Create memories! Make learning meaningful with a unit style approach to award winning literature for grades 3-12.  

Weaving History with His Story — God’s Story
Julia Nalle, BiblioPlan for Families
Why do so many history programs miss the connections between Biblical/Christian history and world history? Most programs offer either Biblical Studies or World History, but not both at the same time. BiblioPlan for Families’ unique four-year survey of history solves this problem by covering world history, American history and Biblical history all at the same time, from ancient times through modern times, weaving God’s story together with the world’s story throughout.

Reflecting the Love of God
Sharon Fisher, BJU Press / HomeWorks by Precept
Genesis 1:26 explains that we are created in God’s image. The Bible also tells us to love God with our hearts, souls, minds, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Is this the worldview your teaching reflects? Are you raising up more image bearers of Christ? Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about a correct world view and re-evaluate how and what we teach in view of His image.  

Learning Styles and RightStart™ Mathematics
Wendy Braswell, RightStart Mathematics
What if your first-born is a visual learner and your youngest is a kinesthetic learner, never mind the other children? Do you have a different math program for each child? What if you aren’t sure what style fits best? Do you keep skipping around, hoping to find one that fits? RightStart™ Math addresses all learning styles. Come get an overview of this award-winning and highly recommended math program!

Manners Matter & Mean Success
Monica Irvine, The Etiquette Factory
Don’t we as parents want to give our children the tools they need to succeed? Do we want our children to grow up to be great fathers, compassionate husbands, dedicated mothers and giving wives? It doesn’t just happen. Children don’t always just “pick-up” on things like integrity, compassion, empathy, table manners, work ethic, etc. These are skills that must be taught. Come and learn how to help your children become the individuals that God designed them to be.

Organic Diet on a Conventional Budget
Emily Goodwin, Mommy Made Green
Feeding your family a healthy, organic diet does not have to be expensive. It is an absolute myth that an organic diet is more expensive than a conventional diet. Emily manages to feed her family of five, including four very hungry boys, a completely natural and organic diet rich in nutrients for $600 a month (about $120 per person per month) or less. She will teach you how you can do the same for your family by covering a basic range of topics including the history of processed foods, where to shop, how to save, and what to buy.

Healthy Eating from the Start
Emily Goodwin, Mommy Made Green
With obesity on the rise in our country, teaching your children to make wise choices when it comes to food is of utmost importance. Many parents struggle with how to do this with theirbabies and parents with older children struggle to make the change in their family. Emily is mom to three children that have never been inside a McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese. Their favorite foods include: raspberries, broccoli, okra, and mangos. It is possible and it can be done. Learn how you can teach your children to make wise choices, how to make kid friendly healthy meals both in home and while out to eat, and most importantly make a positive change in your child’s health without sacrificing fun or your budget.

Make Your Own Cleaners Workshop
Emily Goodwin, Mommy Made Green
Conventional cleaners are dangerous and extremely toxic. You can make your own cleaners that are better for your family, clean just as well, and are much less expensive. Emily makes all the cleaners for her home and loves helping others learn to do the same. You will leave this workshop with the following items: a storage tote, a reusable microfiber cleaning towel, scouring cleaner, window cleaner, all purpose spray, furniture polish, mold and mildew cleaner, and recipes to replenish the cleaners as they run out.

Cloth Diapers: Not Your Grandma’s Cloth!
Emily Goodwin, Mommy Made Green
Raising a child is more expensive now than ever. Cloth diapering is just one way you can save thousands of dollars before potty trianing. Jumping into the cloth diapering world can be an overwhelming experience for a parent that is new to cloth diapers. Emily has over 9 yearscombined experience with cloth diapers as both a mother and a former retailer. She has experience with almost every brand on the market from mainstream brands to work at home mom brands. She also has connections with dozens retailers across North America. Let her take the confusion out of the process and help you see how easy the modern cloth diapers really are.
Your child is going to be wearing a diaper on their bottom 24 hours a day for at least the first two years of their life! Make sure you are making the right choice for your family so you don’t end up investing money in a diapering system that doesn’t work for you.

Why Homeschool? What is the goal?
Lynn Sandberg, Homeschool Mom
You’ve decided to homeschool. Are you homeschooling for religious, academic, economic or social reasons? Each of these reasons has merit. Come and consider what your long-term goals are. Learn how to plan for the future by creating a vision of what you want to accomplish through your homeschool. Starting with the end in mind will help you reach your families goals.

Creating a Life Learner.
Lynn Sandberg, Homeschool Mom
Is education only for the young? With information available at our fingertips we can expand our knowledge throughout our entire life. The only thing holding a person back is a proper attitude and desire to learn. Discover ways to motivate and inspire your children to continue exploring and learning all the days of their life. Have a goal of your homeschool to create a life learner.

Safeguards for Technological Savvy Children
Lynn Sandberg, Homeschool Mom
Computers, the internet, and smart phones are now part of everyday life for most families. While technology can bring enrichment and convenience, inherent dangers threaten the well-being of each member of the family. Becoming wise about the pitfalls of these devices becomes a must; yet most parents lack the knowledge to implement proper boundaries and safeguards. Come and learn how to keep your children safe while enjoying the benefits of available technology.

Incorporating Discipline into a Homeschool Day
Lynn Sandberg, Homeschool Mom
Being responsible for the academic development of a child is a challenging and sometimes difficult task. The harder job often is maintaining authority and applying discipline so that the school work can actually be accomplished. Many parents struggle with this all important responsibility. Come and learn healthy and appropriate techniques of discipline that will establish an atmosphere that promotes learning and respect.

Christine Torre / Homeschool Mom
College Prep Genius
Through early college, your teen can earn high school and college credit at the same time and save you thousands of dollars in college tuition! During this essential workshop, Christine Torre will lay out early college options while helping parents and teens understand the differences. Christine will share a dozen reasons to consider early college, how you can position your teen for early college, what the requirements for early college are, how to choose your first college classes and which colleges are home school friendly. Dual enrollment paired with AP and CLEP opportunities, allows your teen to earn early college credits and take challenging courses he or she will enjoy! You’ll be glad you came to this money saving information exchange!

Christine Torre / Homeschool Mom
College Prep Genius
During middle school, parents start asking, “How in the world do we home school high school?” Through this nuts and bolts workshop, parents will learn how to prepare a transcript, keep and record grades, calculate a GPA and figure credits. You’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to home school through high school. If you have a middle or high school student and you’re considering home education through high school, you should definitely attend this workshop! You’ll walk away knowing you CAN do it!

Christine Torre / Homeschool Mom
College Prep Genius
Are you ready to make $500 an hour? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this much in scholarships for college. You will learn two important concepts: how to get into the college of your choice and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. You will learn methods of receiving substantial scholarships that go beyond tuition and may include room and board, graduate school, and money to study abroad! Unlock the keys to finding free college at your fingertips!

7 Secrets to Help Kids think for themselves
Ashley Wiggers / Homeschool Graduate
Do you have trouble keeping your students interested in learning? Perhaps it’s time you begin to think outside the box. Discover techniques that will improve critical thinking and creativity, inspiring your students to want to gain knowledge. Included in this workshop are ideas from the teachings of Ruth Beechick to develop thinking skills that help create a delight for learning and improves our children’s ability to excel in any area they choose to pursue.

Growing Into Homeschooling
Jennifer Henn / Homeschool Mom
Whether you are considering homeschooling with a five year old or bringing your older child home from public or private school, this class will go over homeschooling basics.
•    What does Georgia law require
•    How to choose curriculum
•    Where to go for help
Bring your questions; this will be an informative relaxed workshop.

Dare to Compare
Jennifer Henn / Homeschool Mom
The numerous schooling options available can be overwhelming. When Jennifer went through several years of illness, her children attended public school, private school, cyber school and hybrid school. She talks candidly about her family’s experiences and welcomes your questions.
•    Is public school that bad?
•    Can my child get into public high school if I’ve always homeschooled?
•    What should socialization mean for a homeschooler?

Overcoming Challenges
Jennifer Henn / Homeschool Mom
Called but not confident? You’re not alone.  Feelings of inadequacy or second guessing choices will rob you of energy and joy. God’s grace is abundant in homeschooling. He isn’t surprised by sickness, an unscheduled move, learning disabilities, or any other myriad of things that can interrupt your plans for schooling. This workshop will discuss common fears and give you practical tools to overcome.

Walk Through a Day with the Unlikely Homeschooler
Jennifer Henn / Homeschool Mom

Couponing For Maximum Savings With Minimal Time
Ann Haney / Aaron Publishing
Have you couponed before, but found the time involvement excessive? If so you will not want to miss the time saving principles Ann teaches encouraging you to “lower your nets again” and this time bring in a catch that’s worth the effort! Ann’s Biblical based teachings bring to light how God’s word can richly enhance your life through couponing. Come learn the policies, websites, time management techniques, organizational skills, and more while you coupon your way to debt free living.

Surfacing the Entrepreneur in Your Child
Ann Haney / Aaron Publishing
Do you come from a family heritage of “employees” and desire to raise your children to break this pattern? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a sure foundation of success for your children. Have you questioned, “Where should I start in developing my child’s entrepreneurial mindset?” How can I discover my child’s gift to direct his/her education to prepare them for becoming an entrepreneur?  No matter what question you can identify with, God’s word has life application principles that are sure to bring you and your children to success! If you desire to change your life and direct the lives of your children for prosperity, follow me on this journey through the lives of Biblical figures and some of History’s greatest achievers to discover what God has in store for you. Ann will share the key principles she has applied in the lives of 5 of her children 6 children who are entrepreneurs.

The Homeschool Mom & Working From Home
Ann Haney / Aaron Publishing
In today’s economy it seems almost impossible for a family to survive on one income. Many women, even homeschool moms are often forced to take a part time job and still continue the homeschooling. In this session Ann will take equip you with knowledge of the top work from home careers as well as their pay scales. You will also gain knowledge on websites that will help you find the work from home jobs that fit your giftings while avoiding the internet scams that can leave you discouraged. At the close of this workshop you will be empowered to try what you haven’t tried and discover the career that enables you to stay at home with the kids.

Help for Struggling Readers and Spellers
Jennifer Summer, Wilson tutor and former homeschooling mother
When your child can’t read, spell, or write, everyone becomes discouraged.  There is effective help for you and your child.  Learn about the many reasons why your child may be struggling and the resources and curriculum available to you.  The dynamics of the family and homeschooling with a special needs learner will be addressed also. Learn how to set your child, your teaching, and your home on a happier, more successful path!