3 Assumptions Homeschool Moms Make


When I first started homeschooling I assumed a lot of things, some of these were right on. Some, not so much.  However, there are three assumptions that most homeschool moms make that are absolutely inaccurate. These assumptions hinder our homeschool ability, and if left unchecked can make us feel like homeschool failures.

Homeschooling Takes as Much Time as Public School

When I first started I assumed we would “school” from 9-3 just like the public schools. My daughter was in Kindergarten…. Needless to say this assumption was ludicrous. Homeschoolers on average spend anywhere from 1-5 hours homeschooling. The younger the child, the less time it takes. High schoolers should naturally spend on the upper end of that time frame, but not all will need to.

When you compare your time spent to the time in public school you are forgetting about travel time, lunch time, class interruptions, recess, bathroom breaks, study hall, electives, and other items that are NOT part of a homeschoolers day (other than the class interruptions, otherwise known as toddlers ;) )

You Need to Finish the Book

This is another common assumption as most homeschoolers feel the need to rush to finish a curriculum before schools out. Think back to your school days. How often did you finish a book? The answer for me is NOT very often. Homeschooling is no different.

If you’re at the end of the year and have time left you can still STOP and take a summer break. Really. You don’t need to finish. We rarely finish a curriculum and have had little to no problems picking up in the fall where we left off.


You Have to “KNOW” the Material to “Teach” it

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard a potential homeschool mom say they can’t homeschool because they don’t know algebra, or chemistry, or good grammar. My reply to that is “That’ what the teacher manual is for”. And I mean it. Whole heartedly. You wouldn’t believe the amount of things I have learned from homeschooling my kids. Also, the teacher’s book tends to lay out exactly what you need to know to teach your kids. If you are unsure there are also tutors, online resources, you tube videos, and other teaching resources that can help you successfully homeschool, even when you don’t “know” the material.

Moms, if you are considering homeschooling, are a homeschool veteran, or a newbie please look over these assumptions and STOP believing them. When left unchecked these assumptions can have you doubting your ability. They can leave you discouraged, overwhelmed and burnt out! Chances are if you talked to other homeschool moms they will tell you the same thing. STOP the assumptions!

Misty Bailey is a work at home homeschool mom.  She loves helping new homeschoolers and has a Homeschool 101 eBook for those getting started. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey. 


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