Ann Haney

Ann Haney 2014

Ann Haney is a specialist in the field of saving money and self-starting your own business. Her first published book, The Homeschool Daily Planner For Curriculum became a 5 year running best seller and continues to excel in residual income yearly. Along with Aaron Publishing, Ann is the CEO of Living In Abundance and founder of Ann Haney Ministries. In 2012 Ann released her book entitled, “Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship, telling her story and teaching people the steps to discovering their talent & teaming it up for a successful career. It has become a great success through her financial empowerment teachings and supplemental financial empowerment workbook. In addition to teaching her children, Ann has taught thousands of people across the nation to save thousands of dollars a year and become self made entrepreneurs. Ann travels extensively helping people discover their hidden skills and apply them and change their lives from victims of circumstances to overcoming achievers of success.