Ann Haney

Ann Haney 2014

Ann Haney is an ordained minister, author, entrepreneur, life and career empowerment coach, motivational speaker, weekly columnist, coupon specialist, CEO Aaron Publishing/Founder Ann Haney Ministries & Living In Abundance, TV Host and Radio Personality. Ann has been a homeschool mom to 6 children for 18+ years and 4 of her 6 children are entrepreneurs. Ann was chosen to be the red carpet interviewer by the former Ms TN, Tiffany Love, at the National Youth Activist Awards Honoring the accomplishments of outstanding youth around the nation. Ann travels extensively and is currently on tour with Beauty Behind Bars, a women and girls transformation program with founder Tiffany Love. The program helps women and girls escape mental incarceration & self-imprisonment of low self-esteem, doubt, depression, suicide, and dream killing. It was also created to prevent women/girls from permanent mental/physical incarceration, while teaching forgiveness, accountability, and the importance of loving self from the inside out. Some of her most popular published works include: The Homeschool Daily Planner For Curriculum, Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship with corresponding financial empowerment workbook, and Single Steps In A Married World-Stepping Out of the Shadow of Codependency, Complacency, & Insecurity. For more information visit Ann’s website

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