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Did you know over 90% of the population lacks essential nutrients on a daily basis? Learn why we have trusted whole food supplements from a pharmaceutically licensed company for daily nutrient intake for over 22 years.

Why should you stop by our NeoLife booth?  Homeschooling is an important commitment and undertaking. You need energy, balanced hormones to handle stress, a functioning brain, a strong immune system, and a nutritious fast breakfast to jumpstart your day into school. NeoLife whole food supplements provide needed vegetables, fish, and grains without gluten, plus the best protein shake on the market that actually tastes great. Learn how to get them free without even being a distributor.

(1) Products are backed by proven science! Listen to this short recorded message of a doctor sharing how our most popular whole food supplement is scientifically proven to provide you with what every legitimate nonprofit health organization says you need for good health.

(2) We saw and experienced it! Our mother was sick. NeoLife dramatically improved her health as she attempted to have a big family while missing one kidney and her spleen. One surgeon said she couldn’t have 10 children and keep her remaining kidney too. She went from bed ridden to running the Peachtree Road Race! Yes, these products work and have blessed our family for over 21 years!  Stop by and chat!

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