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Smart Kidz Club

December 30, 2014

Smart Kidz Club is an innovative, novel platform that creates original, currently relevant, and unique educational content designed to interact with the large and growing majority of kids aged 1 to 12 years who are increasingly consuming content online and on mobile devices.


U.S. Space & Rocket Center

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center offers homeschool programs focusing on STEAM curriculum with lessons rich in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Participate in Homeschool Adventure Day or in a Homeschool Adventure Series.


Piedmont International University

As we move into a new century and a new millennium, Piedmont continues its rich heritage of preparing Christian leaders to serve the Lord throughout the world by providing a quality biblical education. Going forward, Piedmont’s vision is to build on its rich heritage by growing in influence to become an internationally recognized leader of


Dr. Annette Laing’s Non-Boring History

December 29, 2014

Historian Dr. Annette Laing’s thrilling time-travel novels will excite your kids (9-14) about history! Her resource packs help you integrate her books into your curriculum.


Veritas Press

At Veritas Press we start with the premise that we are a classical Christian education provider. We exist because we believe classical Christian education is the best way to educate our children, teaching in a way that is consistent with how children develop and grow up and how God made us as learning beings.


Eujeana Chism

December 25, 2014

Eujeana has had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom and Home Educator for 20 plus years to four wonderful children. She began consulting via HomeWorks by Precept in 2004 with homeschool families from all over the nation. Currently she is a Senior Consultant, leading a team of consultants to further homeschool education across the


Debi Lowery

Debi Lowery completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Counseling. She is a Kindergarten Teacher at Greenville Classical Academy. Her school became a pilot study for The Logic of English Foundations in 2012. In her 12 years of teaching, she has become passionate about teaching children how to read and write well. She also


Randy Blackmon

Randy Blackmon is the eCore Senior Enrollment Manager, and is responsible for enrollment services serving dual enrollment, home-schooled, military, adult learners, and traditional students. He also works with eCore and eMajor administrative teams to foster collaborative solutions across Georgia’s education intuitions. Randy earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Mississippi, and


Sean Brooks

Sean Brooks is the Director of the House System and Student Care Services at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY. In addition to his administrative role he teaches grade-school and high school Latin as well as middle school and high school Classical/ Christian Studies. Sean is also a writer and editor for Memoria Press and


Kathleen MacGregor


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