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Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!

February 1, 2016

Speaker: Scott Gillis People of all ages are captivated by dinosaurs. Unfortunately, evolutionists use dinosaurs to indoctrinate the young and the old with an earth history that includes millions of years but has no room for the Bible. This presentation will show the power of a person’s starting assumptions (or “worldview”) when interpreting past


Scott Gillis

Before becoming a speaker for CMI, Scott was the senior executive for one of the largest construction firms in Northern California. This helped equip him for his current role as CMI–US’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Scott’s main focus is to impact and educate our culture with easy-to-understand presentations that uphold the authority of God’s Word


Creation Ministries International

CMI is one of the World’s largest Creation ministries with seven offices worldwide. We also produce Creation Magazine which has been in circulation for 35 years. CMI serves to help people understand that the first few chapters of Genesis contain the foundation for many aspects of the Christian faith. For example, Genesis provides the basis


Practical Ways to Develop Critical Thinking

Speaker:  Ashley Wiggins Thinking skills are buzzwords in education today – everyone wants to include them in their curriculum plans! In this seminar, Ashley will explain what thinking skills are and how to incorporate strategies into daily life that will bring great results in your child’s ability to think. Include these ideas to add


Benefits of a Strong Focus on American History

Speaker:  Ashley Wiggers Has American History been set aside as a priority in your homeschool? This country’s incredible story can play a vital role in teaching character, leadership, and decision making. There are many sound benefits from making American history studies a bigger priority. Come to this workshop to learn about the importance of


Foldables for Learning

Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian Discover how Foldables (3-D graphic organizers) can assist with building a learning log for all students. Participants will learn how Foldables can easily be implemented as a versatile strategy before, during, and after instruction as well as for projects and extension. This hands-on session will be an interactive demonstration


Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian

Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian holds a Ph.D. in Human Development Across the Lifespan and currently works with Dinah Zike as Chief Operating Officer for her companies.

Read More... is the new name for the educational publishing and consulting company owned by author/speaker Dinah Zike. The name change reflects a shift toward digital products. Dinah is known for her 3-D interactive graphic organizers, featured in all her publications.


Shirley Minster

Shirley M.R. Minster, M.S. Ed., is a Master Degree certified teacher who holds credentials in education, educational guidance, and counseling. Shirley has been a proactive supporter of homeschooling and individualized learning programs. She has used her credentials to advocate for families and their right to choose the educational program and setting that works best for


Credit Recognition Transcripts and Preparing for College

Speaker:  Shirley Minster We will discuss how to get your student ready for college. How to contact schools, opportunities for dual enrollment, and how we can help with credit recognition transcripts to smooth the way.


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