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Homeschooling 101

March 12, 2015

If you have ever thought of homeschooling, but was not sure where to start this post is for you! When I first began homeschooling, I was overwhelmed with all that was required, and all that I felt I needed to do. Luckily, I had a great friend walk me through that first year.  Here are


Why Attend a Homeschool Convention?

March 11, 2015

As you know, the Southeast Homeschool Expo is coming up soon! You may ask yourself, “Why should I attend a Homeschool Convention”. That is a great question! Homeschool conventions are perfect for new and seasoned homeschoolers. I am going to share just a few reasons you should make time to attend a homeschool convention this


Finding a Homeschool Space

March 10, 2015

I have been homeschooling for close to 5 years. Our first few years we did not have a homeschool room. Once baby number 3 was added to our small home, we decided more space was in order. We added on a nice size homeschool/playroom, and since then have had a designated homeschool space. You can


Organizing a Homeschool Portfolio

March 7, 2015

Whether or not your state requires homeschool assessment it is a good idea to keep a record of your child’s schoolwork each year. One way to do this is by keeping a portfolio. Homeschool portfolios can be as in depth or simple as you want to make them. Step 1: Choose a binder large enough


Cassidy Cash

February 26, 2015

Cassidy Cash is a math educator, homeschool mom, author, and speaker. For over 12 years Cassidy has been the tutor schools and educators call in when they have students who are failing math. Over the years of helping failing math students what she came to find is that most of the students were not failing


Mari Fitz-Wynn

Mari Fitz-Wynn and her husband, Edward, homeschooled their six children over the course of seventeen years. She is the founder and president of Heart to Home School Ministries, Inc., a 501 c (3) organization that sponsors an annual winter conference and back to school seminar to provide opportunities for veteran home educators to develop mentoring


Van Marosek

Van Marosek homeschooled three girls that are all now in high school. They are in 12th, 10th, and 9th grade! She holds a college degree in Business and Statistics. She also writes in columns posted on the Gwinnett Daily Post.


Dwayne Walker

Dwayne is self-taught artist with a huge passion for creativity. Ever since he was eight years old he was interested in art, and at age ten he sold his first drawing to his Aunt for $5. That was a lot of money at that age, so he decided to engage in his first form of


Renee Miller

February 25, 2015

Renee Miller and her late husband Randy Miller were married 34 years, when the Lord took him home. They began their family business, Miller Pads and Paper, over 27 years ago with the purpose of serving families and christians through the manufacturing and sale of their paper products and over 6,000 art and educational products.


Joan Moon, Ed.D., C.N.M.

February 24, 2015

Joan Moon, Ed.D., C.N.M. has practiced as a labor and delivery nurse, lactation consultant, Certified Nurse-Midwife, and university faculty member. As a midwife providing care for women, Dr. Moon became interested in how the lack of knowledge about her body impedes a woman’s ability to make personal and healthcare decisions. As an educator, she saw


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