Ways to Improve the Education of Gifted Children

Speaker: Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
Discover ways to help gifted children to achieve their potential without self destructing from stress. Gifted kids are children too! Sometimes they are more mature than anyone else & sometimes they are more babyish than anyone else. Learn secrets to pacing gifted children, encouraging them to tackle tough scenarios, helping them learn resilience when they hit a wall, & helping them to develop better social skills.

Struggling Learners

Speaker: Randi St. Denis
Bringing 30 years experience with Homeschooling all types of special needs children, Randi St.Denis, homeschooling mother, tutor, and special needs advocate gives parents loads of information for homeschooling success. Learn how to choose materials, use technology to speed learning, improve visual, auditory, sensory motor and social issues, and set realistic and attainable goals. Famous for her student’s high educational success rates, Randi has many special needs students who have gone on to become successful college students and employees. Start early and set your child on the path that leads to success.

Raising and Homeschooling Boys

Speaker: Randi St. Denis
Boys see differently, hear differently, think differently and learn differently. Sometimes it’s tough for moms and dads to know just how to raise and educate them. Randi St.Denis, the mother of seven children, five of them boys, helps parents face the joys and challenges of homeschooling boys as they grow into young men.

Homeschooling Multiple Children at Once

Speaker: Randi St. Denis
So many children and so little time!? It’s easy and fun to homeschool multiple children once you know how. Learn to make homeschooling fun while making sure that each child gets what he or she need as an individual. Workshop includes help on what to do with the little ones, how to balance advanced students with struggling learners, and most importantly, how to keep one child working while mom is working with another.

Overcoming Challenges: Learning to Homeschool Without Fear

Speaker: Jennifer Henn
Called but not confident? You’re not alone. Feelings of inadequacy or second guessing will rob you of energy and joy. In this workshop Jennifer tackles emotions that can come between you and successful homeschooling. God’s grace is abundant. He isn’t surprised by sickness, a move, learning disabilities, or anything else that can interrupt your plans for schooling.