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Jones Geniuses Accelerated Mathematics

We offer a renown world-class Accelerated Mathematics program from pre-school all the way to SAT/ACT prep, as well as early literacy (2-6 yrs old) & Speed Reading – Classics of Literature Lab all ages.

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Dr. Miles R. Jones

Dr. Miles R. Jones is an accelerated learning specialist and Bible scholar who has taken generations of homeschoolers and turned them into gifted mathematicians.  Dr. Jones graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and has taught at universities and institutes worldwide including the Sorbonne, Centre de Formation (Paris), the Air Defense Academy in Yemen, United Arab Emirates University, the Defense Language Institute in the U.S., and Texas
A & M – Commerce.  He has recently published a book on biblical archaeology entitled The Writing of God  which outlines the  scriptural basis of home-schooling.

Ed Setzler


Representing the Foundation for Economic Education (, Ed Setzler is an experienced business leader who has served Acworth and Kennesaw in the Georgia House of Representatives since 2005.  Recognized for his contributions to individual liberty and education reform, Ed serves on the Education, Judiciary, Transportation, Appropriations, and Rules committees of the Georgia House.  Ed grew up in the Southeast and attended Furman University in Greenville, SC where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics before serving his country on active duty for 9 years as a US Army officer.  An Eagle Scout and a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, Ed enjoyed challenging leadership assignments in Europe, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf and completed his service at Fort Stewart, Georgia as the commander of a 200-soldier truck company in the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized).  Ed and his wife Tracie are the homeschool parents of four children: David, Caleb, Sarah, and Susannah and attend church in Hiram GA.

Buckhead Academy of Arts & Sciences

Experiential Learning courses available in Reading, Math, Science & the Arts. Courses are also offered in ballet, theater, drama, gymnastics, tap & martial arts. Tutorial options available for K-12.

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