Real Science 4 Kids / Gravitas Publications


We provide foundational and worldview-neutral science books, workbooks, digital books, videos, and classes for kids in grades K-12.

Visit Website: Real Science-4-Kids

Shepherd’s Hill Academy

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a fully-accredited Christian Boarding School and Therapeutic Wilderness Program for teens in crisis.

Visit Website: Shepherd’s Hill Academy – or Call 706-779-5766


Family Matters

We sell books for NGJ Ministries and fun, loud and proud homeschool aparrel and accessories.

Solomon’s Secrets

Focus on the families Odyssey & radio theatre CD’s. Jonathan Park, Your Story Hour and Jim Weiss Story telling CD’s. A variety of curriculum: Apologia, Story of the World and Mystery of History.

Christian Light Education


Complete curriculum selection for K-12 , including high school electives.