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WebbyKids offers homeschool lesson plans in computers, computer science, and coding for new learners.

Georgia Home Education Association


GHEA memberships, Georgia legislative & state agency initiatives and updates related to homeschooling, Homeschool Day at the Capitol, support/encouragement for homeschoolers.

Website:  GHEA

New Bee Homeschooler

New Bee Homeschooler

Educational program for new bee homeschool parents. Let us guide you as you begin your homeschool journey with our comprehensive program, which includes workbook and audio.

Website:  http://www.newbeehomeschooler.com/


Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body

Speaker:  Dr. Sheldon Margulies

Dr. Margulies will present highlights of his new, ready understandable, online anatomy and physiology curriculum

Teaching Chemistry to homeschoolers

Speaker:  Dr. Sheldon Margulies

Dr. Margulies will give an overview of chemistry and explain why learning chemistry visually is so much simpler than learning it by reading textbooks.