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3 Tips for the Busy Homeschool Mom

3 Tips for the Busy Homeschool Mom


Is it just me, or does life get busier the older we get? More kids, more subjects to teach and life makes homeschooling harder to get done and our to do lists longer than they used to be.

So, how can a busy homeschool mom be sure she not only gets school done, but everything else done as well?


Finding a good routine for your day and for your homeschool is another important factor for a busy homeschool mom.  My girls know their school routine, so, when I am sick, or tied up with something unplanned, they know what they need to do. This allows them to get it done with little to no supervision and also makes it easy for dad to step in if need be.

A homemaking routine can also be a big help. This routine will look different for anyone but can include meal planning, laundry days, cleaning days, etc. When you have a routine to your home you save time and can keep your to do list on track

Plan Ahead

You are naturally going to have   field trips; doctor’s appointments, etc come up month after month. Why not plan ahead for these days off? Mark a note in your planner reminding you that you may have to miss a day of bookwork due to another activity. When you plan your year out give yourself 5-10 extra days of wiggle room, or keep one Friday a month open for a makeup day, appointment day, or errand day.


One of the biggest things a busy homeschool mom needs to do is prioritize. Take a look at your to do list. What is the MOST important thing on there? Start with most important and work your way down. For some that may be getting school done, for others it may be tending to a fussy baby, and yet others may be tackling that pile of laundry so you all have clean clothes tomorrow. When my to do list is overwhelming I go through and number the items based on what HAS to be done. For me this is usually work, then school, then household tasks. Your list will probably look different, but the key is finding out what you need to prioritize, and working from there.

Moms, we are all busy, and homeschooling is a huge part of our day. It is important that we plan ahead for school, find a routine that works for us, and prioritize our to do lists. Doing these three things can help a busy homeschool mom stay on task in our day, and can ensure that we get SOME of our to do list done….

Author Bio: Misty Bailey and her husband have been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.



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Cultivating Men of Integrity

Speaker:  Doug Horsman

Young and old alike, men are abandoning their God, their churches, and their families in droves. How can parents stem this tide, beginning with their own sons? This workshop will cover a practical approach to cultivating lasting integrity in your young man.

Doug Horsman

Doug is a retired US Navy commander, formerly the executive officer of Naval Air Station Brunswick in Maine, and now serves as the Director of Campus Operations for the ALERT Academy. He is a homeschooling father with three graduates and one daughter still in school; his two sons are ALERT alumni.