Royal Academy Education

Royal Academy

We are a full-time organization helping parents and families examine the wide range of choices available to educate their children at home. Our highly qualified staff of consultants has more than five decades of experience with homeschooling and other forms of education.

We network with many like-minded organizations and professionals in the areas of speech therapy, gifted education, education counseling and special needs education, offering our assistance wherever your family is located and working with your child on his or her level.

How to be a Unit Study P.R.O.

Speaker:  Donna Krahn

Whether you want ready-made unit studies or tools to develop your own, this workshop could be the answer! Come for an overview and explanation of definitions, comparisons and resources for implementing unit studies in your home. In this workshop, we will also develop your personal Unit Study P.R.O. skills and provide you tools to create your own unit study at home.

Science Unsnarled

Speaker: Donna Krahn

Confused by the jumble of science curriculum available? There are so many possibilities: nature studies and real books, hands on labs, classical or the traditional textbook approach. Finding the right fit for your family need not be disorganized chaos! In this workshop, we will give you the tools to select the best approach for your family and provide an overview and comparison of the vast array of Science resources available to bring order to the chaos of science curriculum. Concludes with a question an answer session so bring your Science questions!

Biblical History Center

Biblical History Center

The Biblical History Center (formerly called Explorations in Antiquity) in LaGrange, Georgia helps people encounter the ancient biblical world through its history and culture. Through authentic archaeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, daily life artifacts in the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery, lectures, and other personal experiences, ancient Middle Eastern life comes back to life today.

Frog Publications

Frog Publications

Learning game centers with 25 self-checking skill games. Drops in the Bucket daily review workbooks which review all of the most essential skills for 12 weeks. Reading, Math, Dual Language and more!