My Dear Aunt Sally Was Wrong! Addressing Some Common Misconceptions in Math

Speaker:  Christy Walters
Join noted author and highly successful math tutor Christy Walters as we examine some common fallacies in math. One of the most prevalent misconceptions is the (incorrect) belief that the phrase “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” says that the order of operations states that one must always multiply before dividing and that one should always add before subtracting. We will also discuss other misconceptions related to the order of operations as well as topics involving exponents and percentages. The topics for this workshop arise from real-world tutoring experience of explaining the proper techniques to students. There will be time for questions from participants.

Mark S Mirza

Mark Mirza

Mark S Mirza is an author, speaker, student of prayer. He led Dr. Charles Stanley’s Men’s Prayer Ministry at First Baptist Church Atlanta for four and a half years before entering full time ministry. In 2010 Mark founded Common Thread Ministries to “help churches that want to have a prayer ministry.” Mark teaches throughout the United States as well as in Mexico, Honduras, and Kenya. He is the author / publisher of four books of which one has been translated into three languages: Prayer Made Alive (English), Oración con Vida (Spanish), and Maombi Kufanywa Hai (Swahili). Mark’s other books include Praying the Prayer Cards, the children’s book Rainbows of Promises updated from the 1887 original, and the fiction trilogy The Pray-ers. Website: A fifth book has just been published. A Threefold Cord is a spiral bound devotional updated from the original book of the same title printed in 1830

Learning Prayer

Speaker:  Mark S Mirza
Learning Prayer thru the Fun of a Novel is how Mark S Mirza introduces readers to his new fiction book The Pray-ers. Or as a Home School mom in Nashville noted earlier this year, teaching prayer thru the example of others. Mark strongly focuses upon praying scripture back to God teaching that the Word of God needs to be our direction on why we pray and what we pray. In his presentation Mark will introduce you to several prayer classics reading from A Threefold Cord: a devotional book from the 1830’s and the children’s prayer book: Rainbows of Promises from the 1880’s. Mark will contrast Biblical Prayer to what we are seeing and hearing today from the churches in Kenya to American TV: name it and claim it. Mark notes the focus on self.

Spelling You See

Speaker:  Gretchen Roe
Learn how hundreds of children have become confident, successful spellers using the methods taught in Spelling You See. There are no weekly spelling lists, no weekly spelling tests, and no time-consuming instructor preparation. Instead, a brief daily activity helps students integrate writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

How to Build Lifelong Learners with Math-U-See

Speaker:  Gretchen Roe
Come see how to teach math using a skill based, multi-sensory approach from counting to Calculus. Teach your child to understand math and build a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.