Mega Verses


Mega Verse Ministries Mega Verses are songs created from large passages of scripture. Our music is unique because each song was created to give you a tool to hide God’s Word in your heart. There is a flavor of music on every CD that is sure to appeal to your taste! God has equipped Tommy and Jo with many talents, and He has given them a vision for encouraging scripture memory in your home.

UCheck Enterprises


At-home STREP test kits.

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CareFridge Refrigerator Sanitizer -Eliminates Odor, Dramatically Extends the Life of Most Food, Kills Viruses and Bacteria, Prevents Mold and Mildew.

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Wyatt the Wonder Dog Book Series


The Wyatt the Wonder Dog Book series are empowering lessons for K-3 that teach conflict resolution, organizational skills, persistence and the power of a giving heart.

The Magnificent Sprinkles characters bring love, comfort and courage to young children during challenging times.

Jerry Bailey


Mr. Bailey is President and CEO of Dynamic Literacy, a company dedicated to eliminating illiteracy in the U.S. He and his partners combined their technical and academic backgrounds to create products based on Morphology, the study of units of meaning.