Transcripts, Credits, Grades, OH MY!

Speaker:  Christine Torre
During middle school and above, parents start asking, “How in the world do we home school high school?” Through this nuts and bolts class, parents will learn how to prepare a transcript, keep and record grades, calculate a GPA and figure credits. You’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to home school through high school. If you have a middle or high school student and you’re considering home education through high school, you should definitely attend this workshop! You’ll walk away knowing you CAN do it!

DE, AP, CLEP, DC, JE-Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Early College

Speaker:  Christine Torre
Through early college, your teen can earn high school and college credit at the same time and save you thousands of dollars in college tuition! During this essential workshop, Christine Torre will lay out early college options while helping parents and teens understand the differences. Christine will share a dozen reasons to consider early college, how you can position your teen for early college, what the requirements for early college are, how to choose your first college classes and which colleges are home school friendly. Dual enrollment paired with AP and CLEP opportunities, allows your teen to earn early college credits and take challenging courses he or she will enjoy! You’ll be glad you came to this money saving information exchange!

What is a Tandem Education?

Speaker: Christine Torre
The average high school student, whether private, public or home schooled, typically spends 6-8 hours each day juggling 6 different courses over 9 months. At the end of four arduous years, this teenager is one of 3.3 million students with little more than a high school diploma to show for countless hours of work. Imagine this same student taking 3 courses per quarter throughout 4 years of high school and earning 2 degrees; a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree! Believe it or not, it’s possible for the average high school student to earn both degrees thanks to a new educational co-op, TandemEDU.

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The Home School Edge: navigating college admission as a home school student (Saturday)

Speaker: Jordan Crenshaw
Do you love home schooling but worry about how it will impact your college search? Well, calm your fears because being home schooled is going to be your advantage! Come hear about how to navigate the college search process, home schooler to home schooler!