Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags

Six Flags Over Georgia is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast.  It is located off I-20 west of Atlanta just a few exits outside of 285.

Homeschool Day at Six Flags White Water is Saturday, August 27, 2016 Park Hours: 10:30AM- 6:00PM

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Michael Grady Ministries LLC

Michael Grady

Michael Grady is the author of the recently released Christian book entitled “Making God Part of Your Family”

Why it Matters

Speaker: Scott Gillis

A powerful and attention-grabbing presentation on the vital importance of the Bible’s history in Genesis: how it is foundational to the Gospel and relevant to our world and society. The authority of the Bible is paramount. Items of scientific evidence are woven into the presentation in a way that is easily understood by the layperson, as is the Gospel message. Christians are motivated to become armed and equipped to be able to ‘give an answer’ and to be vastly more effective at personal evangelism, thus stimulating church growth. In addition, their own personal faith is strengthened. Non-Christians are challenged to see the issues in a different light, and at the same time get salvation-relevant information which an ‘evidence-only’ talk would not provide.

Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!

Speaker: Scott Gillis

People of all ages are captivated by dinosaurs. Unfortunately, evolutionists use dinosaurs to indoctrinate the young and the old with an earth history that includes millions of years but has no room for the Bible. This presentation will show the power of a person’s starting assumptions (or “worldview”) when interpreting past events, and will define the different types of sciences used in investigating the world around us, with a thorough exploration of these enigmatic lizards. Let’s take dinosaurs to the Bible and see what God’s word has to say about them!