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5 Tips to Start Your Homeschool Day off Right!

Is your homeschool day chaotic? Want smoother sailing days? Here are 5 Tips to Start Your Homeschool Day off Right!


As many of our holiday breaks are winding down, now is the time to begin thinking of how we can make our homeschool days better. One way to do this is by setting it in our minds to start our homeschool days off right. How can we do this? Here are 5 tips to get your homeschool day off right!

Start the same time every day

Finding a homeschool routine is key to a smooth homeschool day, and one way you can ensure this is by starting the same time every day. For us it’s 9:00, for you it may be 8, or 2, or noon! What time you start isn’t as important as being sure you start around the same time each and every day.

Prayer and Bible

If you are a Christian homeschool family you may want to start your day off with prayer and bible reading. This gives you the ability to start your homeschool day off with the Lord.  Ask them if there is anything they want to pray about, pray with your kids, read scripture, find a devotional or bible study that fits your family’s needs.  I have found NOT starting our days off with this sets our whole day up for failure.

Get moving

One fun way to get your homeschool day started right is to get moving! Some of my kid’s favorite memories of homeschooling is wiggling to Tooty Ta, doing the Hokey Pokey, or seeing how many jumping jacks they can get done in a minute. By starting your homeschool day moving you are allowing your kids to get the wiggles out before they even start! Not to mention the giggles as well J

Circle time

Circle time is a great way to start your homeschool day off right. This can consist of weather, scripture, calendar, color practice, the pledge, anything really that can get the day going. Find what you want to include in circle time and use it to start your homeschool day off right!

These are just a few suggestions that can help you get your homeschool day started off right! Find one or two that works for you and implement them in the New Year. Feel free to tweak them to fit your family’s homeschool needs. No homeschool morning will look the same, but with a few useful tips we can all get our homeschool day started off right!

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Misty Bailey is a Christian wife and work at home homeschool mom.  She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.  You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


12 Sanity Savers for Homeschool Moms

12 Sanity Savers for Homeschool Moms

Homeschooling can be stressful. As a homeschool mom your job is truly 24/7. There are no breaks, there are no days where you send them off to school, and there is no relying on someone else to teach them what they need to know. It’s on you!

This can be enough to make even the most calm homeschool mom crack under pressure. BUT, believe me when I tell you that all that stress and pressure is worth it. Really it is! You just need to get through the tough days. You need to find a rhythm to the chaos and remember that this season will be over all too soon!

In the meantime these sanity savers for homeschool moms can help you tame the chaos, find some rest and remember the big picture!

  1. Get Up Early-Believe me when I say that having 10 minutes to yourself BEFORE the chaos ensues can play a HUGE part in how well your day goes. I love this Homeschool Moms Devotional Bible, and taking time to just read in it each morning is a great way to start my day.
  2. Find a Routine-Having a routine in your day helps you and the kids know what’s coming next. It also helps them know what they need to do if something comes up that demands your attention.
  3. Be Flexible –Yes routines are great! But remember to be flexible and not tied down to a rigid schedule. Life happens and flexibility is crucial in homeschooling!
  4. Remember Character is Important-You may teach your child their ABCs and 123s but how is their character? Character training is important and don’t let certain behaviors slide just to get “school” done.
  5. There is always nap time-Have littles? Try to get your older kids school done while they are napping. That 1-2 hour window can be a great time to hone in on lessons that require more of your attention.
  6. It’s okay if the books are incomplete –Your children do NOT have to complete every lesson or every problem in every book or on every page. Mark out a few (in our grammar books my kids do odds or evens). Skip a lesson if you know they know the material. If you think back to school do you remember EVER finishing a whole book before moving on at the end of the year? Yea, me either!
  7. Use Audio Books-These can be a HUGE sanity saver for homeschool moms! Turn on an audio book and let the kids listen while you fold laundry, do the dishes, or make a meal.
  8. Take Breaks-Is everyone at each other’s throats? Have a week’s worth of laundry to catch up on? Grandma in from out of town? TAKE A BREAK! A day here and a day there never killed a homeschool curriculum believe me!
  9. Find a Homeschool Group-Homeschool groups are a must in my opinion. Every homeschool mom needs a homeschool friend who “gets” it. You are no different!
  10. Relax!-Homeschooling is stressful, I get it! But, relax! One day you will look back on these days and wish you would have took a deep breath and just rolled with it.

So, the next time homeschooling overwhelms you go back to these sanity savers for homeschool moms. Relax! Call a friend! Or if all else fails turn on an audio book and take a nap :) the kids will be fine, I’m sure!!

Author Bio: Misty Bailey and her husband have been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.