Stop Juggling and Start Thriving- Schooling Across the Ages

Speaker: Lesli Richards
One of the most common stressors for parents is trying to meet all their children’s needs at once. Join me for an engaging session that will help you not only survive schooling multiple children but enrich your family culture at the same time. You will walk away with a new perspective and tools in your toolbox to help you cultivate wonder from preschool to high school.



JROTC presentation to HS Homeschool students


Parents are the best teachers for their teens so we work in tandem with families to develop their teens spiritually, academically and socially. Our progressive dual education approach takes the burden of high school at home off parents while offering students the unique opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and a college degree. Early college courses are often a duplication of high school classes. In Georgia, college courses can count as high school classes under the new Move on When Ready dual enrollment program. Combining Georgia high school guidelines and college degree requirements, we have created a unique Tandem Education that offers two degrees, an average of 2.8 classes per quarter, teachers for high school classes and facilitators for college courses.

Reisinger Family Chiropractic

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Choosing Curriculum – Where Does the New Bee Homeschooler Begin?

Speaker: Tina Robertson
Choosing the wrong homeschool curriculum is at the top of the list of worries for new homeschoolers. On the flip side, choosing a curriculum that is an almost perfect fit for your family makes homeschooling a delight and an endeavor worthy of pursuing. Determining whether curriculum is a delight or a drudgery can take years. Don’t wait that long. Glean tips from a seasoned homeschooler, who has successfully coached hundreds of new homeschoolers for many years. Walk away with a plan.