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Christian medieval novel written by a homeschooled graduate, layered with Biblical truth, intrigue, and family values. Excellent clean reading for adults and teenagers!


Premier Exhibitions Inc

Premier The Bodies

In BODIES…The Exhibition, students will see real human specimens dissected and preserved to display the intricacies of each body system. We will specimens on display that you can touch and hold.

Alexandra McCaffrey

Alex McCaffrey is an industrial engineer with a passion for educating the next generation of engineers. As the founder and CEO of Growin’GEERS, she has been working for the past few years to develop an integrated curriculum to capture the essence of what it is like to be an engineer and present that information in a way that is fun, engaging, and inspiring to elementary students, which is the age that most students decide that science, technology, engineering, and math are not what they want to pursue in the future. By testing and tweaking the Growin’GEERS curriculum, Alex has learned some vital lessons on what can engage young students to reach for more content containing science and math.

Sparking Your Elementary Student’s Interest In Engineering with Growin’GEERS

Speaker: Alexandra McCaffrey
During this workshop, Alex will walk through one of Growin’GEERS 12 available quests (lesson plans) and highlight the key pieces of the curriculum that have been built to engage students in learning about engineering concepts and participating in Growin’GEERS continuously. She will share some of what she has learned through their development stages in getting kids hooked on learning more about engineering.


Growin’GEERS is a series of easy to run, student driven lesson plans that were built to show your child how engineering concepts can be used to solve real world problems. Each lesson plan follows Flynn, our main character, on adventures around the world where she encounters problems, and we introduce engineering concepts to help solve those problems. In addition, each lesson includes cultural, historical, and environmental information about each country Flynn visits adding an additional level of integration with multiple subjects. Growin’GEERS presents each lesson plan as a quest to your child using 6 animated videos and detailed worksheets. All the provided materials are accessible on our easy to use website. Each lesson includes a hands-on activity that is designed to keep your child engaged. The hands-on aspect of each lesson can be completed using household items such as paper plates, toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, batteries, etc. Growin’GEERS goal is to encourage our youth to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math and show them how engineers make a difference in the world on a daily basis. Stop by our booth for a special expo discount on our quests!