How to Start a Co-op (The Easy Way)

Speaker: Tina Robertson
Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeschooler, creating a homeschool co-op can be an opportunity to pool the collective strengths of parents, while both children and parents develop friendships. A co-op can either be a flop or a fuel to your homeschool journey. Begin with a defined purpose on the existence of the group, a few clear cut ground rules, realistic ways to solve the expenses of the group and learn to lead with joy. Beginning a successful homeschool co-op doesn’t have to be complicated. Come and learn the easy way to start a co-op.

Tina Robertson


Tina Robertson celebrated the graduation of two of her sons, whom she homeschooled from the beginning. She is best known for co-authoring the New Bee Homeschooler program, a boot camp guide for new homeschoolers while conducting workshops for new homeschoolers in Texas. Besides her love for new homeschoolers, she has created the popular free 7 step curriculum planner, unit studies and lapbooks for all homeschoolers. In addition to homeschooling for many years, her family has recently enjoyed living abroad for a year and a half in South America. Her sons will always
remember trekking the Amazon rain forest. She is a lively and engaging speaker though she can’t sing, dance or craft, but loves history, geography and hands-on learning. Does organizing count as a hobby? Currently blogging at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus, she is still in the homeschool trenches.

Traiven’s Pass


Christian medieval novel written by a homeschooled graduate, layered with Biblical truth, intrigue, and family values. Excellent clean reading for adults and teenagers!


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Alexandra McCaffrey

Alex McCaffrey is an industrial engineer with a passion for educating the next generation of engineers. As the founder and CEO of Growin’GEERS, she has been working for the past few years to develop an integrated curriculum to capture the essence of what it is like to be an engineer and present that information in a way that is fun, engaging, and inspiring to elementary students, which is the age that most students decide that science, technology, engineering, and math are not what they want to pursue in the future. By testing and tweaking the Growin’GEERS curriculum, Alex has learned some vital lessons on what can engage young students to reach for more content containing science and math.