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Synchronized Family Devotions – Getting the Entire Family Involved

Speaker: Brett Allen

In this session, participants will encounter fresh ideas for implementing daily devotions in which each member of the family can participate. Word of Life missionary Brett Allen will explain how the Word of Life quiet time resources enhance family devotions by providing: • Age-appropriate exercises for all members of the family, from pre-school to adulthood • Synchronized readings of Scripture that focus all members of the family on the same passages of Scripture daily • A six-year scope and sequence, providing opportunities to explore every segment of the Scriptures over a six year cycle • An introduction of prayer journaling as a way to encourage all members of the family to grow in the discipline of fervent prayer • Application questions that create opportunities for family discussion of the Scriptures In addition, participants will hear testimony from Home School parents who have successfully integrated these tools in their family. You will hear from people who know the value of synchronized family devotions.

Brett Allen

Brett Allen

Brett grew up in a hardworking family. The beginning of his 10th grade year, he started homeschooling so he could help his dad in the family business. Since then he moved on to Bible school at Word of Life Bible Institute and Liberty University. He now serves with Word of Life as a missionary to North Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. He and his wife Jenni have two children and another on the way.

Christian Classical Education Made Doable

Speaker: TBA

Classical Conversations, an education services company, that supports home schooling families, invites you to learn more about how Anne of Green Gables and other one-room schoolhouse teachers used the classical method of learning to teach children of all different ages from the same material at the same time. We have three flagship programs: our Foundations Program for k-6th grade which focuses on the grammar stage method of learning; the Essentials Program, which is a language arts program geared towards 3rd through 6th graders who are moving into the dialectic stage; and our Challenge level programs, which are Christian, classical, college-prep programs, for junior and high school aged children utilizing dialectic and rhetorical skills. Classical Conversations exists to aid parents in their pursuit of a home school, classical education in an environment where the purpose of the education is to know God and make Him known.

 Classically Homeschooling your middle and high schoolers (without going crazy!)

Speaker: Jeff VanDeMark

Come and hear about the classical tools of education and how you can implement them easily with your middle and high school children