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Choosing Curriculum – Where Does the New Bee Homeschooler Begin?

Speaker: Tina Robertson
Choosing the wrong homeschool curriculum is at the top of the list of worries for new homeschoolers. On the flip side, choosing a curriculum that is an almost perfect fit for your family makes homeschooling a delight and an endeavor worthy of pursuing. Determining whether curriculum is a delight or a drudgery can take years. Don’t wait that long. Glean tips from a seasoned homeschooler, who has successfully coached hundreds of new homeschoolers for many years. Walk away with a plan.

Overcoming Organizational Hurdles

Speaker: Tina Robertson
Organization when homeschooling looks very different from the way thousands of books and blogs of those that don’t homeschool describe it. Leave stress behind as you learn about practical, tried and true tips that have worked for new homeschoolers who have overcome organizational hurdles.

How to Start a Co-op (The Easy Way)

Speaker: Tina Robertson
Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeschooler, creating a homeschool co-op can be an opportunity to pool the collective strengths of parents, while both children and parents develop friendships. A co-op can either be a flop or a fuel to your homeschool journey. Begin with a defined purpose on the existence of the group, a few clear cut ground rules, realistic ways to solve the expenses of the group and learn to lead with joy. Beginning a successful homeschool co-op doesn’t have to be complicated. Come and learn the easy way to start a co-op.

Tina Robertson


Tina Robertson celebrated the graduation of two of her sons, whom she homeschooled from the beginning. She is best known for co-authoring the New Bee Homeschooler program, a boot camp guide for new homeschoolers while conducting workshops for new homeschoolers in Texas. Besides her love for new homeschoolers, she has created the popular free 7 step curriculum planner, unit studies and lapbooks for all homeschoolers. In addition to homeschooling for many years, her family has recently enjoyed living abroad for a year and a half in South America. Her sons will always
remember trekking the Amazon rain forest. She is a lively and engaging speaker though she can’t sing, dance or craft, but loves history, geography and hands-on learning. Does organizing count as a hobby? Currently blogging at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus, she is still in the homeschool trenches.