Cameron Sorsby


Cameron is an entrepreneur and a life-long student of ideas. He’s worked with various organizations, including the Foundation for Economic Education, to educate young people on and cultivate their passion for entrepreneurship. Throughout his experience in fundraising, educational programming, and sports, he’s learned the best way to gain valuable skills is through action. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurial young people figure out how they want to impact the world. Cameron is a graduate of the inaugural Praxis class.

Zachary Slayback


Zachary is an aviator and entrepreneur. He’s worked with various education-based non-profits to try to better equip students with the tools to invent themselves as they mature. After growing frustrated with the traditional university model — especially with America’s elite institutions — he now considers himself a partial Ivy League apostate. He’s the editor of the forthcoming series of essays, Freedom Without Permission: How to be Free in a World That Isn’t. He hopes to make the complex systems of both education and aviation accessible for consumers as technology progresses.



Praxis is a life-changing 10-month program for entrepreneurially young people who want to gain real world experience. Participants work full-time with entrepreneurs at dynamic businesses and complete a rigorous online curriculum.

The A.D.D. Hippie


Quiet book activities both (educational and enertainment), I Spy bags, Waldorf dolls, and Montessori toys

Carpets for Kids


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